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Friday, April 26

Friday Toys: Stuffed Toy Bag Or Bag Stuffed Toy

Good day Moms, Dads and Kids!  It's Friday again and we are here to feature some toys and things again that my kids love and of course your kids will also, perhaps.

So for today's toy, well we actually don't know if this is considered as a toy or a bag because this bag is fused with a stuffed toy or a stuffed toy fused with a bag.  Which ever it is it serves two purpose, a bag and a toy.

When my eldest son, Maki, was still small we also get one like this but the character is different and the color too.

This bag is great when the family is going out.  Parents won't have to bring a toy for the little one to play to, this will do the job.  Kids can play around with it.  Just a reminder don't put too much things in it and avoid materials that is hard.  Of course you don't want your kids to get hurt when they started to swing this toy bag around.  Some shirts, towels, extra diapers and and shorts will do.

So what do you think of this?
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