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Friday, May 3

Friday Toys: Color Wheel

It's Friday once again!  Daddy Yashiro's featured toy for this day is the Color Wheel.  I know most of the moms and the dads did play this simple toy when they are young.  Me, I played it too.  I remember doing an improvised version of the wheel of course no color but it is the same as it is especially when it is windy or just place it in front of the electric fan and have fun as it circles around.

My wife and my son got this when they attended an event.  Both of the kids enjoyed playing this and making it spin while in front of the electric fan.  This is made up of plastic so there's not worry of crumpling it or making it wet but of course safety should be thought every time the kids play with different toys.  This is one of the simple toys that is enough enjoyable enough to play around by the kids.  Just make sure that they won't use it to hit other kids.  Over all a good and safety toy to play with.

So if you got one of this, let the kids enjoy and be imaginative with it!  Happy Friday to all!
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