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Thursday, May 30

Things To Do in iBlog 9

This will be my 3rd year attending the iBlog: The 9th Philippine Blogging Summit and every years I learned different insights from different speakers and of course different blogger friends as well.  My two previous year was great and gladly on the second year I made my wife, whom I influenced to become a blogger, to come with me.  It opened a new prospective for her in which she is now enjoying.  For me, I'm continuously learning from this craft.

So, to make it more fun for your first time on iBlog here are some of the things that I suggest you should do to make the experience worth remembering.
  • Be sure to come early and register your name.  As the saying goes "early birds catches the worm".  You get a chance for some learning materials, loot, ID, etc. Plus you get a chance to choose a more comfortable seat for you.

  • Listen to the speakers or much better record the talk of the speakers either on cam or smartphone.  This will help you a lot especially in remembering the important notes of the presentation.  

  • Ask questions.  Make sure to ask questions presentations of the speakers that you don't fully understand but of course make a well thought questions.  

  • If there's a "brag your blog" portion, do participate.  It will at least help up on your traffic stats and they'll know what is your blog and what you're blogging about.

  • Make friends and do networking.  This will for sure build your connections not only online but offline as well.  So better prepare a calling card to give out to prospective contacts and friends.  

  • Lastly enjoy the days, learn and have fun!

See you at iBlog 9!
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