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Friday, June 21

What Happened Last Father's Day?

It's a great day for Daddy Yashiro last Father's Day!  Though the feeling of the "iPay" lingers hahaha!  And I'm sure it will happen.  Anyway it was a blast!  I did enjoyed it very much and I'm much happier that the kids enjoyed our little escapade in SM City Fairview.  

We were early there to catch up with the promo of McDonald's Spicy Chicken Burger as their treat for Dads and besides it's free.  So we got our early brunch or should I say early lunch but before that the kids got their doughnut snack.  Then we strolled and tried to look for something to buy.  There were plenty of treats for Dads and one that captures my wifey's attention was the Toblerone.  I know why!  She loves chocolates and me too of course so she was like hitting two birds in one stone.  That was there gift for me and of course they did put out their hands to ask for the chocolate.  Hahaha naughty wife!

So we continued the stroll and we end up visiting their Story Land in which I and kids enjoyed very much.  We were like engage in one of the games because the two kids and I were wanting to play the same game.  Hehehe.  Then we went to find more games to play with.  

It was a tiring day and just what I had in mind, though the iPay hit me but then again I'm happy as long as my family is happy!  A totally awesome Fathers' Day celebration!  
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