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Saturday, July 20

Daddy Day Care: The Jollitown Kids Show Shooting Experience

Woohoo!  It's good to know that they'll be having another season of JOLLITOWN.  Daddy Yashiro's Journal have been following every season of JOLLITOWN.   I think my son, Maki and I were able to attend the Press Conference of JOLLITOWN Season 4.  Maki enjoy that event and was able to see some of the cast of JOLLITOWN.

Now, JOLLITOWN is on its season 6 and we were glad that we were able to have a visit on one of the shooting of JOLLITOWN KID SHOW.  Their newest season makes it more interactive with the kids.  More learning and more things to enjoy.   The visit was great and my son Maki was able to join with the other kids who are part of the viewers.  Just like I said before they make it more interactive that's why they kids as the audience.

Though my kid, Maki takes time to be in tune with the other kids, he still managed to enjoy the show and have fun.  Of course Mommy and me keeps on encouraging Maki to be active and lively that time but it seems that his mood wasn't at it first.  I think that was our son's attitude, he observes first before joining in and participating.  Hmmm.... I think I know whom he gets that attitude.
They were asked by the director to dance, be happy as Jollibee and the other mascots dance.  Some of the "bibo" kids were place in front to be featured as one of the active audience and participants during the show.  By almost 2/3 of the time of the shoot, Maki was then dancing more, more active and more livelier than before.  He really takes time to warm up!

After the shooting my son, Maki, keeps on asking his Mom when will he be able to watch JOLLITOWN on TV and when will he be able to watch that particular shoot.  Of course we just pacify him and told him to wait for it.

The JOLLITOWN  Season 6 is entitled "The Jollitown Kids Show".  This is Jollibee's offering for this year for the kids.  As of the usual aim of JOLLITOWN, "learning while having fun".  Each episode teaches cherished Filipino Values - from teamwork, friendship and generosity, to staying healthy and caring for the environment.  Storytelling song and dance performances, plus new, fun and educational segment such as the Jollibee Kids Club Corner.  There will be a surprise guests every week.

 Here are the Jollitown gang. The energetic trio of Justin, Gabbi and Hannah play and learn with Jollibee and friends. Hetty the bubbly and lively cheerleader. Sing, dance and shine like a star with the talented Twirlie.  Get Sporty and play some games with the athletic Popo.  Explore Science and get creative with techie Yum. Play and learn with Jollibee the love of all the kids, the favorite friend of everyone.
Watch Jollibee and friends as they learn and play! Expect the season premiere on July 20, 2013 every Saturday, 8:40am to 9:10am on GMA 7.

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