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Monday, August 5

Monday Rush: Dormant Days Are Over

I think it's been more than two weeks now and I have been slacking in my online activities, specifically blogging.   All of the blogs that I have been maintaining went in hiatus for that span of time.  There are just things that makes me fall out of love in writing, mental block has indeed crept inside of my head and that's not all, laziness, circumstances and other matters comes with it that makes it very hard to cope up with.  There are plenty of reasons but it all boils down to one err to me.  

For now, I may have somehow make my self in focus and is now eager to do more of what I suppose to do and finish for quite some time already.  As what I have posted on my Facebook account "dormant days are over.... It's time to move on today and punch a whole to the future!"   Well, I posted that a week ago and I think my take in my situation is like a car running in diesel which takes time to heat up and move faster than it supposed to be but anyway I'll take that route since I'm going to punch a whole to our future... my family's future.
This morning I feel ill and I pray that today's illness will be the last and prayerfully my kids too.  I need to get strong in order to claim that future and be ready for God's abundant blessings to come.  Like my wife always say "we all need to work, God is the guidance."   Now we're praying hard for guidance, enlightenment, strength and knowledge in everything that we do.  Now and 'till God's plan is serve.  

Pray for me and our family!

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