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Saturday, September 7

A Middle Aged Man's Guide To Increased Vitality

Back in 2009, I found myself staring down a long list of health issues. I just turned 21, and I knew, deep down in my heart, that the years of 7 minute mile runs, excessive athleticism, and containing my breath on a nice job was well behind me. This came to me quite clearly as I was chasing my girlfriend's two year old son around the yard and feeling like I jogged over an excessively long bridge. My concerns were only enhanced later that year when my diet of Monster energy drinks, Apple Jacks cereal, and bowtie pasta was causing a manly muffin-top to form around my waist.

After some research, I found a common theme which continued to rear its ugly head. My mother, girlfriend, best friend and his little sister (everyone but the actual doctor, apparently) all agreed that I may have an issue with low testosterone.

No matter what i did to ignore it, the mild weight gain and lowered energy level was not the only issues. I was less enthusiastic about sex, and at 21-22, this was an intimidating mark in favor of my mortality. My receding hairline only became exaggerated, to the point where my forehead lengthened. Testosterone appeared at the heart of these issues, and as a major reason why I attempted purchasing a product that could help. I took a look at all of the products that increased testosterone and tried TestRush which is a natural testosterone booster in that it helps to block cortisol and free up the bound testosterone in fat and protein cells.

The word 'natural' really stuck out to me, as I have always been adverse to the trials and tribulations of medication of any type. Even my worsening hairline did not force to to embrace medication despite my increasing use of baseball hats. No, the natural answer was the only answer.

I will not pretend that it solved everything immediately. At 25, I still find my now stepson to circle the yard and tag me from behind. I still find my muffin top to radiate further during the following evening of a nice set of Bud Lights (yes, light. I have settled).

But the most important factor I considered is that I felt clearer. I felt as if I could potentially push myself and succeed. I felt enveloped by tiredness in multiple areas before. After taking the boosters, I felt open and more aware of my surroundings

With low testosterone rates, you find yourself plagued with fatigue and an overall lack of energy. When I focused on that issue, I found that other things came into align. I was more motivated to seek working out when I helped alleviate my issue of fatigue. The natural testosterone booster assisted in my other issues because it helped tremendously on my issue of fatigue.

It goes with saying that the low testosterone levels never affected the more overt areas. Men cringe when you say erectile dysfunction. There are studies that suggest the correlation is less than what was once believed. Regardless of that, sex was an issue, and low testosterone rates exist at the heart of the simple process of aging in men.

Ryan is a 38 year old writer and column nutritionist facing the difficult task of managing middle age with as little stress as possible.
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