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Monday, September 2

Monday Rush: Unusual Quiet Moment

credit goes to the owner of this pic. 
From years that I have been going through and on every place it's really a noisy one.  Everyone are rushing to their specific work places or to their schools.  It was a fast phase environment.

This specific Monday I find it quite unusual or perhaps my morning wasn't that good.  It seems that the crowd that I usually walked with during Mondays are quiet.  It seems that they're all in a slow motion or perhaps it's just me who thought that everything was in this slow phase.

Truly it's not the usual Monday that I have.  My sleep during our travel was even longer than the usual except for the certain incident that passed through on our way to the office.  I may like the quiet moment but not often.  There are still times that I would really want to enjoy the noise and blood rush of cramming and trying to bit the deadline or the schedule time.

Since this is my month I might try to have things go the other way around.  Maybe I could start by making that frown turn around and be more jolly than I used to.  Circumstances my hit us but one thing is for sure... there's something bigger than that and that's GOD.

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