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Sunday, October 20

Daddy Day Care: Hospital Again

After a week that we have brought our youngest son to the hospital and which he was diagnosed with tonsillitis and a possibility of urinary track infection we were hoping that all is well already.  Thanks to God that it was not dengue.  But of course our youngest son's whole week was more of medicines and less of sweets and other foods.  So he was deprived of the good things just to make him well.

Today, since our youngest was almost confined only inside the house we decided to go to the mall and buy clothes for my wifey and also some for me and treat the kids as well.  We had our lunch at Yoshinoya and later on the kids accompanied their mom in choosing what's the right dress for her.  Though the kids didn't help much still we were able to get one for my wife.  Afterwards was my time to get me a new neck tie.  Take note this is the second time that I bought a neck tie after graduating from college.  To sum it up, we had my wife's clothes, my neck tie and had lunch.

Few minutes later we're off to our house to take the remaining afternoon for our rest.  On our way home my eldest is already complaining that he's dizzy already but we were surprised that our youngest is the who vomit.  Good thing that it wasn't that much.

At last we're home!

We thought that we'll be having the rest of the day for a nap but unfortunately things get worst for Gelo, our youngest son.   Few minutes after we got home he continuously start to vomit.  We didn't know many times but it continued until quarter to seven that my wife decided to bring Gelo to the hospital.  Yup we brought him again to the hospital for check up.  We got worried!

When we got to the hospital Gelo was sleeping already.  He was really tired.  We stayed there for a few hours just to monitor him, thanked God that he was obviously and physically okay.  My wife told about Gelo's medical history and according to the doctor our son might be experiencing acidity due to the medicine that he was taking.  It was a relief to know that he's okay.

That's how we had our weekend and that's how Daddy Day Care had been.  Scary, worried and stressed but thankful that our son is okay.

How about you, what's your story for the week?
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