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Saturday, October 26

Daddy Day Care: United Nation's Day Parade

Not really sure if I was just been cornered by my wife to accompany our son Maki on the United Nation's Day Parade but anyway it's my time to come along with the school's parade activity.  So today this is Daddy Yashiro's Daddy Day Care activity the United Nation's Day Parade.

Well coming along with Maki on their United Nation's Day Parade wasn't a hassle at all because Maki wasn't one of the ambassadors.  There's no effort of providing costume, vehicle during the parade, and of course this one involves money as well.  So I was thankful and a bit disappointed, thankful that we don't have to shell out much finances as we really need it and a bit disappointed because we weren't  able to train Maki to join events like this.  This is good for him as well.  Boosting his self-confidence and self-esteem.

So, the day starts.  Past seven in the morning and all the kids and parents were already gathered in front of the school holding and waving their assigned flags.  To Maki's class Denmark was their flag.  Bad of me that the flag that I've created wasn't red as it should be.  It's only pail red but even though it still looks the same as the Denmark flag.  The weather wasn't good even though the parade must go on.  I think the walk was more than one kilometer that's Maki got hungry and thirsty.  When we're almost near the school that's the time the started pouring and good thing I was able to get the umbrella from the house.

Program proper.  Honestly there are some slight adjustments that my son's school should change when it comes to program.  During my elementary and high school days we got plenty so perhaps that made me think that there are some few things that they should do but what I think they should change is when the colors are marching down the aisle they really and should be very snappy and strict with this one.  Respect is the most important thing and making the ceremony of colors proper is I think one good manner of respect.

Though all we do was watch the program this half day activity made me very sleepy, so when the activity ended and when we got home I dig a very good sleep.

How about you, how was your United Nation's Day activity?
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