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Thursday, October 17

Schools Got Slimed With Nick Takes Over Your School, NTOYS

Moms and Dads are your kids expecting for Nick's slime to invade their schools?  Or has Nick invaded their schools already?  For those who hasn't been slimed, well don't worry because they'll be having their second leg and for those who got slimed already check out some of the info and pics here to see if you were there.

As Nickelodeon’s signature slime showed no signs of slowing down as it swept through ten schools all over Metro Manila in the first leg of this year’s installment of Nick Takes Over Your School (NTOYS).  An annual movement to get kids’ minds and bodies to work, NTOYS brought out values like team spirit and sportsmanship in the three-hour program filled with Nickelodeon-themed games and activities. Games and treats surrounded the kids as they jumped from one activity booth to the next. Their competitive spirit was also hard at work with games like Robot and Monster: Build-A-Gadget that tested their puzzle-solving skills and SpongeBob SquarePants Fill ‘Er Up that pushed their agility and precision to the limit.

 Kids enjoyed the awesome games prepared by Nickelodeon 
and took home exciting prizes and freebies.

With the promise of slime time, hundreds of grade school students aged seven to 12 were all abuzz with excitement, especially upon seeing their favorite Nick shows come alive right in their own campus grounds. “Grachi is my favorite show. It makes me happy to see a game built on it,” said 5th grader Sitti from Trinity University of Asia. “I’m really excited, even more so that we’ll get to know how slime feels,” said 5th grader Janess, one of the many students who lined up to get their hands dirty with the glorious green goo.

There was no shortage of the much talked-about ooze as kids got their fix in the Prime the Slime trivia contest and the giant Slime Book, where game winners experienced being doused with it. In true Nick fashion, youngsters all took home tons of freebies and received prizes as rewards for playing. Capping off the event were surprise appearances of Leonardo and Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star.

Kids showed how much they love 
the glorious green goo with their 
slimy smiley faces.

Now on its 10th year, NTOYS takes on the theme “Open A Book, Open Your Mind” to get brilliant young minds to further enhance their knowledge through reading. Stay tuned for the second leg of NTOYS 2013 and prepare for the ultimate schooltime slime experience! NTOYS is presented by McDonald’s and Toy Kingdom, co-presented by Ace Water Spa, Combi Cookie Crunch, Frootees, Hexbugs Nano, Ocean Adventure In Subic Bay, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog, Selecta Moo, Sunkist, Vitapops, Wafer Time and Wiggles.
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