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Friday, October 25

What Dads or Moms Can Do When Sons are Bullied

It seems that bullying will always be present anywhere, especially at school.  Though there are bills and laws being passed or had been passed to counter bullying there are still individuals that seems to have hold of themselves as the bull and considered it as one of their nature or perhaps it is their way of covering up for something that is happening behind that bull personality.  There's always a meaning in every action and there's always a reason why for that intention.

For the sake of the personalities and entities I am not going to mention much of the details here as it is a sensitive case regarding bullying but perhaps will push through it soon when things didn't go well as planned.   For now I'll be sharing some tips for Dads and Moms on what to do when your sons are bullied.

  1. If your sons complains of being bullied don't hushed them or don't scold them instead talk to them in a nice manner that they can share the whole story.
  2. Advice to avoid those persons who bullies.  That's for the meantime.
  3. If your kids continuously being bullied that's the time to take action.  Once is okay, twice can be forgiven but thrice is enough.  Talk to the kid who bullies.
  4. If the bullying goes on talk to the teacher and tell the whole story.  The teacher should have pacified that in just two or three days.
  5. If talking to the teacher doesn't work talk to the parents of the kids who bullies.  Of course make a good conversation with parents of the bull and discuss the matter with them.
  6. If conversing with the parents of the child bullying doesn't work then perhaps it's about time to make a formal complain with the school administrator.
  7. The last option would entail time and effort and as much as possible we don't want to get the situation worst.
  8. In all of this pray that things will be settled clearly.

We parents want the best for our kids.  We want to keep our children off from the trauma or the effects of being bullied.

How about you, what were your actions regarding this bullying issue?

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