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Saturday, November 2

Halloween and All Saints Day Plus the All Souls Day

Well, this weekend is just one of the long weekends as.  It having days like this makes it even happier with the kids.   We don't have events and activities during the Halloween and All Saints Day, we just stayed in the house and do what we can do.  Since we didn't participate in Halloween parties and trick or treating we decided to have a little costume and modeling in the house.

The picture above is what we did with Gelo.  We made a little costume play with him and made him "Gelo: Anak Ni Galema" (Gelo: Son of Galema).  We some of the shots and posted it on Instagram making everyone informed that there will be another part of the "Galema: Anak Ni Zuma" which is the one I mentioned earlier.  We made Gelo's neck pillow his little shoulder snakes, placing eyes on the it making it really look like a snake.  Hahaha!  You can see here how he really pose.

Aside from that costume game we also did play some music and do some dancing.  Of course the kids, Maki and Gelo, does the Gentle Men and the Oppa Gangnam Style plus the Gimmie Gimmie.  And when all tired we just lie down and listen to some songs.

How about you, how was your long weekend?
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