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Monday, December 9

Monday Rush: Speed Limit

playing around with speed.
Monday rush has always been my outlet of what's happening and my experiences during Mondays.  For this day it seems that rush is the middle name of the driver of the public utility vehicle I'm riding.  Yup he was indeed in a rush not taking into consideration the Speed Limit in Commonwealth Ave.  As I can remember I have made a post about the imposing of the 60KPH limit in the said avenue and the problem that it gives to public vehicles and commuters.  But to this particular driver it seems that this limit is nothing to him.  I think we're running around 80 to 90 KPH plus the swerving motion of the vehicle.  Hay....

I know it's weird that I was complaining on my previous post about the speed limit and now I'm complaining about the speed of the vehicle.  Well, perhaps there are just things that need to be moderated and there are things that need to be address properly.

The speed is good because it can help boost up in progress and production but if that speed entails danger then perhaps it is ought to be done in the right place.  Public utility vehicle is not a race car so it need not to run beyond the limit, especially in placing with imposing laws and regulations.

Be safe everyone!
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