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Friday, May 31

Friday Toys: Camera Fan

It's Friday once more and thankfully the stressful preparation of a contest is over.  Yes I have launched the contest and raffle already so for those who wants to join the contest just visit this link Daddy Yashiro's Journal 5th Blog Anniversary Contest.   Get a chance to win interesting prizes.  I'll be featuring the prizes later on so better watch out for it.

Friday Toy's feature for today is actually a dual purpose.  It can be a fan and it can be a toy camera.  Since multiple purpose is the IN thing nowadays, this toy is just right for the kids to play with especially when playing outdoor.  The scourging heat makes it uneasy for the kids though I'm sure they won't bother it when playing with their playmates but nonetheless this toy is well enough to lessen that uneasiness.

Thursday, May 30

Things To Do in iBlog 9

This will be my 3rd year attending the iBlog: The 9th Philippine Blogging Summit and every years I learned different insights from different speakers and of course different blogger friends as well.  My two previous year was great and gladly on the second year I made my wife, whom I influenced to become a blogger, to come with me.  It opened a new prospective for her in which she is now enjoying.  For me, I'm continuously learning from this craft.

Tuesday, May 28

$175 or P7,000+++ Worth of Prizes @ Daddy Yashiro's Contests and Raffles

Finally! The celebration of Daddy Yashiro's Journal's Blog Anniversary! Five (5) years of storytelling, sharing of experiences, and learning from your comments and reactions. Five years and still counting! We aim to share more and give more. So, for this year we will have a blast of sharing prizes to everyone.

To our avid readers and future followers this is our way of saying thank you.

With no further ado, HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY to us and let the celebration and contest commence.


Daddy Yashiro's Journal 5th Blog Anniversary Contest and Raffle.

Saturday, May 25

Raffle and Contest Sponsor Update

For my regular follower of the Friday Toys sorry to say that I wasn't able to have a post yesterday.  Got tired of the stressful preparation that I have been doing at work and for this blog.

So, for now I just want to inform those who still and would want to be part of the league of sponsors for Daddy Yashiro's Journal that this is the last day to receive sponsorship pledges.   You can refer to Daddy Yashiro's Journal 5th Blog Anniversary Contest and get the details of your chosen sponsorship package and of course where to send it.

If anyone would still want just say "I" together with your email address in the comment box and we will get into you to discuss the matter.

So, are you all ready for this awesome blog contest?  Two (2) more days to go before the launch!

Oh! I just want to give you a hint of some of the sponsors that we have.  It starts with this letter....

one is


and the other one is


So have you guessed it?

Thursday, May 23

4 Days To Go... Daddy Yashiro's Journal Blog Anniversary

Happy Thursday to everyone!  Here's an update from yours truly Daddy Yashiro. 

Four (4) days to go before the Blog Anniversary and I'm so happy to inform you, readers, that our annual Blog Anniversary contest will push through.  I'm just finalizing the details from our sponsors.  As I have mentioned before this anniversary celebration will truly be a blast.  I am sure you're all wondering what will be the prizes... just a hint the prizes will be over a thousand worth of prizes.  

 Like I said I'm just finalizing things and soon we will let you have a glimpse of what will be given away.  So better stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to get early updates on what's happening here at Daddy Yashiro's Journal.

Monday, May 20

Monday Rush: Bad Monday, Sick Monday

Of all the days that you can be sick why does it always falls down on a Monday?  Monday sickness... hahaha!  Well unfortunately dizziness and nausea strikes back.  Yup! The "hilo and lula" thing once again hit me that made me unwell.  I think it was due to stress, not enough sleep, high blood perhaps and my eyes as well, it's been more than a month already that I'm not wearing eyeglasses.  Too many reasons to mention the cause of dizziness and nausea but one thing is for sure I am not well that day, especially during the morning.  Another negative sign on my leave credits.

Though, I still need to work on some of my online thingies but too bad I have to stay in the house and help watch out for the kids even though I'm dizzy.

So how about you?  How was your start of the week?

Sunday, May 19

Daddy Day Care: Gelo At Pizza Hut

After the whole day of taking care Maki and Gelo yesterday and after mommy arrived from an event, we all head out to the nearest mall in our area.  We went to Pizza Hut and tried their latest alien space look of the Cheese Burger Pizza.  Yup it really looked like an alien's spaceship.  My son loved it very much.

For now I'm featuring Gelo, since Maki had already been featured many times. This time it's Gelo's time to be seen.  The youngest, the "bunso" and yet the most aggressive among the two.

Friday, May 17

Friday Toys: Bubble Animal

Friday Toys once again and this time we will feature one of the toys that Gelo got as a gift.  Well, unfortunately there are times that we just give gifts without knowing the age of the child and perhaps this is one of the things that we parents or godparents should know when giving gifts, make sure to know the age of the celebrator.

Wednesday, May 15

Gelo and Max's Restaurant's Pata

Hahaha!  This are some of those pictures that Daddy Yashiro is proud of with our little one.  Yup!  He is holding a piece of Pata from Max's Restaurant which we had for take out.  We had it for lunch together my mother-in-law, mother, father, and my sister's family.  Gelo was really munching the Pata.  I guess he really liked it very much that he's holding it as if no one should get it from him.  Hehehe.  Thanks for Max's Restaurant for this take out.

Tuesday, May 14

Gelo's 2nd Birthday

Just want to make updates with what happened to our son, Gelo's birthday celebration which happens last May 12, 2013.

Monday, May 13

Monday Rush: Election Day

Well, this morning most of our neighbors are really on the rush and eager to go to their voting precincts to cast their votes.  It's Monday Rush today but for me and our household we're just taking it cool and easy.  We have our time to vote after lunch time and it was nice to know that the system was good and easy.  No hassle at all!

Me and wife exercised our right!  Did we vote wisely?  Yes we did and for me I only choose those who are deserving to be placed in that position.

We just pray that after this election things will run as it should be... in the service of the Filipino people!

Happy Mothers' Day To My Wife and to All

Just want to post this greetings that I have made yesterday for Mothers' Day.  Though I wasn't able to do anything for this Mothers' Day.  I just took a shot of a not so old painting that I have made a decade ago.  This painting was done August of 2002.  Then I put a Happy Mothers' Day greeting on it and greet her (my wife).

Saturday, May 11

Will There Be A Daddy Blog Category In Tatt Awards 2013?

Who moves your world?  Is a more catchy phrase rather than saying something about the impact of the blogs or online personalities.

It seems that I have been seeing quite few people on my Facebook wall already nominating for their favorite online journals and personalities.  They're making sure that their favorite ones are on the list of the nominated phenomenal blogs and personalities, etc.  Though there are plenty of categories where they will fit in, I'm sure everyone is eyeing for the best ones that describes their journals or their stuff.  

Friday, May 10

Friday Toys: The Lego Story

Okay, once again Friday Toys is here but this time we will not be featuring any toys that we have or had. Instead, we will try to share some good old stories behind those famous toys that we know and love. We're not supposed to just know the name of the brand and toy but we should also get to know how these great toys came to be and further more we should also know who the makers of these fancy and enjoyable toys.

So, for a start of these wonderful segment here in Daddy Yashiro's Journal's Friday Toys, we'll feature the story of one of the well known puzzle toy in the world. What else but the famous LEGO. I'm sure lots of you have played with it or have seen it. I remember when I was still a kid and my aunt from abroad used to send packages of these LEGO toys. I enjoyed putting them together and assembling the patterns, specially when you were able to finish putting them all together and seeing the final look of the design.

Thursday, May 9



Few more days and we'll be launching DADDY YASHIRO'S JOURNAL 5TH BLOG ANNIVERSARY CONTEST AND RAFFLE.   To be exact we'll launch it on May 28, 2013 For those who would like to sponsors and have an instant advertisement of their blogs just refer to our media mileage.

Just like our previous anniversary contest and raffle we are setting aside some portions of the proceeds for our charity work.  For this year we are going to send 1 or 2 children/youth to school for a year.  So help us make this anniversary a blast and help others as well.

You can become one of the SPONSORS just simply choose your preferred sponsorship.

Wednesday, May 8

My Experience With Livestock and Livelihood

More than two years ago I, Daddy Yashiro, was assigned in the livelihood project of our company. Though I'm hesitant to accept another task and I don't have any knowledge about livelihood, still, I accepted it and gladly was able to managed and get through with it. It was nice working with people. Just like being a Dad it entails a huge amount of guts to go and face it. I manage my time working in the office and working in the field.

Though the work is fun there are things and unwanted circumstances that makes the flow of momentum disturb. Of course problems are always there but the best part is that how it is being solve.

Tuesday, May 7

WWF and Bamboo Dappy, With An Environmental Call

It's gives me goose bumps whenever I'm in an event that is full of Moms and fewer Dads.  Hahaha!  Anyway I was glad that I was one of those chosen Dads together with my blog Daddy Yashiro's Journal to be part of the call in saving the environment.  Thanks to Ms. Tin Rementilla for inviting me to this one of a kind event.  It is one of my advocacy in life and good to know that other Moms and Dads are doing their shares also in saving the environment.

As most of you, readers, know I am a member of an environmental organization which dates back during college days.  Now, they refer to us as the senior ones.  Though we seldom meet, we still manage to keep the fire of saving the Mother Earth.  It was inflicted to us deep down to our souls.  That's why I love joining events like this.  I get to know also what's new in the environmental saving activities.

Monday, May 6

Monday Rush: Comment Rush

Nice it's Monday once more and I'm looking forward for a great week!  Well, though our weekend staycation wasn't in a full blast of enjoyment because of some crazy viruses that clings on our youngest one, we still manage to have a good time.  That was indeed our first time!   I'll just have a little teaser of that moment for now and one of these days I'll tell the story here.  It was great experiencing that kind of event.   That's just for now.

Monday rush as usual I'm telling stories about how I rush things during Mondays and for this specific Monday and while I still have time before it becomes Tuesday I did rush on my weekly schedule of commenting.  Having read 35 blogs in just a short span of time is really exhausting and draining.  I think my thoughts melted down.  Anyway as I was blog hopping, reading and commenting on each of the blogs of the BC Bloggers network I was able to learn many things, like the surname things of women from Maxine Musings, for the others more of them were about organizing things which made me think again to continue organizing things.  My wife gets irritated when I ask for this and that or whenever I see the things that I've organized disorganize.

Good thing that I was able to finish the commenting on time for the cut-off.  Well that's my thing I rush things when it is in brick of the deadline.

Happy Monday to all!

Friday, May 3

Friday Toys: Color Wheel

It's Friday once again!  Daddy Yashiro's featured toy for this day is the Color Wheel.  I know most of the moms and the dads did play this simple toy when they are young.  Me, I played it too.  I remember doing an improvised version of the wheel of course no color but it is the same as it is especially when it is windy or just place it in front of the electric fan and have fun as it circles around.

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