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Friday, January 24

Friday Toys: Lego-like Toy

What's the most exciting thing to do during Fridays? For the teens and the yuppies, this day is gimmick night. It is their way of getting that stress off from them. But for some of the Dads, like me, it's toys time and bonding time with. kids. Yes, this is once again another time of fun with the kids and daddies' little toys. For now, Friday Toys is just one of the segments on this blog that shares information about things that can help dads and new time dads. In getting toys for the kids.

Saturday, January 18

Daddy Day Care: Thunderbird Resorts Rizal Getaway 1

Okay I know this is late already but I just want to share what happened during our last year's wedding anniversary celebration. Just been very preoccupied with last year's holiday celebration that I wasn't able to find time to write about it. So, at last I will be sharing it here.
As usual preparation was always a double sided situation. It is a hassle in preparing so many things for the kids but it is also fun at the same time seeing the kids excited. This was supposed to be done last October as our gift to our eldest son, Maki. Unfortunately there were unforeseen things that hinders this getaway but thankfully it happened right before our wedding anniversary. This was an early celebration for the whole family.

Friday, January 17

Friday Toys: Jollibee's Magician Kit

Read invisible messages with every flick of the Jollibee Magic Wand

This is our Friday Toys feature and it comes from Jollibee!  Yup, I'm sharing this new toys that you get from Jollibee with their Jollibee Kids Meal (JKM), this is called the Magician's Kit.  With a swish of a hand kids can explore and play the wonderful side of magicians.  The Jollibee Magician’s Kit lets young aspiring magicians perform three different awesome acts with the Magic Wand, Magic Hat and Magic Ball.

With the Magic Wand, which you can see the image above, let your kids can read secret messages or see drawings of their friends. So what do they need to do?  They just simply need to ask their friends to write or draw on the illusion card using the magic wand. While no text or image will appear, they can use the blue light on the other end of the wand to reveal the secret!  Pretty cool tricks!

Monday, January 13

Monday Rush: Rush of Pain and Fever

Today's Monday Rush is one of the coldest day and it is due to the melting of the snow in the northern part of the world. This is my Monday sickness, a slight fever and an aching body. I think I've overdone myself in working.. So having a cold whether and an illness sure did make a shiver of coldness rushing through my entire body

Friday, January 10

Friday Toys: Dragons Universe

Happy New Year, happy new toys! Daddy Yashiro's Journal's Friday Toys segment is hoping to bring more toys to feature here and of course let the parents be informed of things that is ought to be known. Like which toys are safe for the kids, what should be remember when playing toys and what should be done with the toys. We will not only feature the toys but we will also try to do some testing and reviewing.

Thursday, January 9

A Happy and Blessed 2014 to All!

Admittedly I have been lousy this past few days, again and again.  One reason is that it's holiday and these days are meant to be spent with the family.  Yup, I've spent most of my holidays playing and giggling around with the kids and of course with my lovely wife.  Ssshhh...

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