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Saturday, February 8

Daddy Day Care: Thunderbird Resorts Rizal Getaway 2

Bed was the first thing that my wife and kids go to after entering the designated room for us. Two keycards were provided but the other one wasn't working so we just used the keycard that is working.

Since the sun was still in rage that time we contented ourselves inside the room. My wife took a nap while the kids watched TV. .

When the sun was almost quiet enough we head on to the pool area. The kids couldn't contain their exciting to dip into the pool, but of course they only settle on the shallow portion of the pool. Thunderbird Resort's pool is not that big but I like how they place it with their infinity pool overlooking to a great view. Resting on their infinity pool can make you relax. Though I wanted to go there and check it out I'm tied up with the kids. I don't have any plan of getting wet that afternoon but the kids were splashing water, plus I need to watch and hold the youngest one err actually both of them. .

Another diversion that we witnessed was the wedding ceremony. They got this place which is great for occasions like this. .
Dinner time! So where else can we have our dinner but to their exclusive restaurant, the Koi Restaurant. What's great with this resto is that they got an "eat all you can" promo for only Php299 and it starts at 6 PM. In other words our family got a great dinner. Another great deal is that, the kids loved the food and they enjoyed it. .

Bed time for the kids already but it seems that they wanted to have an extra more time watching TV. So, not to be kill joy, I let them enjoyed few more minutes. When I looked back at them, well they're all down already to dreamland. As for me, I took some time to make some fee of my online works and updated some of my social network status. Later on my eyes are already inviting me to go to bed. When I lay down, poof! I'm off already to meet them on dreamland.

Morning! We got up, had a good night sleep. The morning was great and the sun's rays are all beaming up into the room. Making us assure that the day will be great for an outdoor activity and swimming is on the top list. But before that we get our breakfast first at the Koi Restaurant. As usual it is an eat all you can set up and we truly had our tummies full. Maki loved the variety of cereals while our youngest, Gelo, liked the bread and the raspberry spread. I think both of them had more than three servings.. All of their foods were great and satisfying.. We leaved the restaurant ready to enjoy the rest of our stay in the resort.
We strolled around the resort and had some few pictorials for keepsake. Something to put in our memory bank of events, family bonding and memories to remember. Afterwards, when our tummies had settled already we went back to our room to change into swimming outfit. This time I joined with them with their water splashing play not in the big pool but at the Jacuzzi where the bubbles are popping. Maki and Gelo loved it very much. We really took the time to enjoy the water, the place and the view. But of course we don't want the kids to get freezing so after a few minutes of being in the water we head back to the room and we took a bath to cleanse the pool water.

Since it's not yet time for the departure we spent the rest of the hours inside the room watching TV. It was a great and short stay but it's worth it, especially seeing the kids enjoyed it very much. .

If you really want to get out of the city and enjoy a very subtle and calm environment then perhaps Thunderbird Resorts Rizal is a great and near place to enjoy. It is just a few hours travel from manila and they have shuttle services available going to and from the place.
I just hope we could visit the place again and hopefully stay there much more longer.
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