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Sunday, April 6

Daddy Day Care: Breeze's #SigeSabado Movement

Well it seems that Daddy Yashiro's Daddy Day Care activities will be very busy with the #SigeSabadoPlayBox from Breeze.  Though the #SigeSabado Movement mainly calls out for moms who's always with the kids and does things for the kids, me as a Dad is an exception.  I think.  Well, there are things now that Dads do what Moms do and Moms do what Dads do.  Gender equality per se.

Perhaps one thing is common with me and Breeze, we both strongly believe that the greatest teacher in life is experience and that's what they are campaigning right now.  Breeze wanted Moms and of course Dads to let the kids learn things and life through experience.  Getting messy and dirty is not a big deal as long as the result is to learn from that experience.

Like in my blog segment of Daddy Day Care, as a Dad I dedicate my time on weekends to play around with the kids and to let them have fun, of course with my guidance.  So mainly weekends are our bonding moment.

Breeze launched the #SigeSabado Movement which calls on moms (don't forget the dads as well) to dedicate Saturdays to their kids. #SigeSabado hopes to encourage moms (dads too) to spend their Saturdays creating lasting memories with their children by doing fun bonding activities together. Even if this means often getting dirty and stained, it's okay since #SigeMoms (#SigeDads) know what matters most are the values learned, memories created and fun enjoyed in the process. Because of its strong stain removal power, Breeze is mom's and dad's number one partner in encouraging active play and experiential learning since mom and dad doesn't need to worry about the mess this often brings.

“Kids learn best when they're having fun with their moms”, said Unilever Home Care Marketing Director Mr. Jay Go, during the #SigeSabado Movement launched held at Arts in the City in Bonifacio Global City.  Well, I think kids does learn as well with dads when having fan.  “Through the #SigeSabado Movement, we hope to cultivate a stronger more loving relationship between moms (and dads too) and their kids. After all, no matter how busy life gets, we should always make time for the ones who matter most. If this also leads to stains, it's okay. Dirt and stains are temporary, memories and lessons are permanent. Sige sa Mantsa! Sige sa Learning!

Circle of #SigeMoms consist of celebrity moms Barbie Almalbis-Honasan, Christine Bersola-Babao, Dimples Romana, Gladys Reyes, Nikki Valdez and Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi were introduced, a group of empowered moms united their commitment to take charge of their kids' learning and memories.  Hmmm.... just thinking when they will have a Circle of #SigeDads.

“Sharing in our vision of spending weekend time with their kids, our #SigeMom Circle will encourage other moms to participate in their children's learning and spread the advocacy by actively sharing their everyday experiences with other moms,” said Go.

In line with this, here is the video during the event as the #SigeMoms Celebrities shared their bonding moments with their children.

Breeze also introduced the #SigeSabadoPlaybox to the Circle of Sige Moms, media moms and dads, guest moms and their kids. The playbox is filled with materials and instructions for making harlequin masks, dinosaur egg bath soaps, choco art, raise a monggo plant, animal balloon paper mache, popsicle stick pen holder and DIY slime.

In a recent survey conducted by Breeze, they found out that Moms want to do activities with their kids but often run out of ideas. And perhaps that's because Dads aren't around to suggest more activities.  One hundred percent said that they wish they had activity ideas they can do with their kids. Through the playbox, Breeze aims to help moms by providing them with weekly fun activities. #SigeSabado How To Sheets will be available on Facebook and Breeze websites for moms (don't forget the dads) and kids to download and create their own DIY projects. 

In addition, mommies (not sure if they will count activities with the daddies) can also capture and share their bonding activity moments through the #SigeSabado Facebook App where weekly winners will receive a Breeze giftpack and the #SigeSabadoPlaybox while the grand prize winners will win a trip to Legoland Malaysia Resort.  I just do hope that they'll be including dads with this.

Breeze also seeks to help educate moms (I just hope they will also include other dads to be educated) on why developing the #SigeSabado habit is so important for their child's over all well being. Teacher Nurai, a Doctor of Family Life and Child Development from Guru Firm shared important insights and tips on raising smart and active kids, as well as the benefits of the Sige Style of parenting.

Join the Sige Mom Circle (and hopefully the Sige Dad Circle too very soon) and take charge of your kids' important learning and memories. Be a part of the #SigeSabado Movement now and visit for more Sige Guru Tips.


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