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Tuesday, May 20

Jollibee Family Bee Day, I Missed This

The worst thing to happen in family outing is when you're already set for a fun weekend when something strikes you down and leaves you indispensable. Yup that's what happened to me and our little one, Gelo. We were stricken by illnesses that made us stay in the house and miss this years biggest Family Bee Day.

So not to make Mommy and Kuya Maki go alone in the Family Bee Day, my Brother-in-law, Justin and my wife's nephew, Raphael went with them in our behalf. Though we missed the event itself it was still like we were there.

As to their stories, pictures and the videos, well they did enjoy themselves and had a great time in the Family Bee Day event. Too bad we really weren't there but next time if there will be another Family Bee Day like this we will make sure that no sickness will come on that day but of course we will pray to God for that.
According to Jollibee Vice-President for Marketing Harvey Ong, “We are very excited to mount an event of this magnitude that celebrates the Filipinos' love for bonding over good food. We are very happy with the turn out and pleased to see everyone enjoying the company of other people whom they treat like family. Talagang dito sa Jollibee, ang sarap maging pamilya.”

For this Family Bee Day Mommy, Kuya Maki, Justin and Raphael traveled to Bayanihan Park in Clark, Pampanga. This is one of the many venues that stages the event in the entire Philippines. Imagine that! It was a simultaneous event through the nation to give way for the family event.
The families present during the event was treated with some performances from the band 6cyclemind, from the Yum endorser Julia Baretto, artists like Shaina Magdayao and Rayver Cruz. So with different families sat down on the grass with Jollibee Foods make the picnic day even greater. Of course the event wouldn't be complete without the performance of the whole Jollibee Gang for the kids.
It was an afternoon filled with performances, outdoor games and Jollibee treats that every Family present enjoyed and treasured the the day. Though me and my son, Gelo weren't there we were glad that Kuya Maki and Raphael together with my wife and Justin enjoyed the treat from Jollibee.
Thank you Jollibee for this wonderful experiences!

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