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Wednesday, June 25

Dads Back-To-School Advice: 10 Swish Ways To Make a Good Start in School

June is known for two events in life, one is Back-To-School and the other one is June Wedding Bells. Since my kids are still young so we will just stick to the Back-To-School for some time. They still got a long long way for that other event and besides I haven't given any much of advice to them yet. So, for a start and since the only schooler is the eldest here's my Dads Back-To-School Advice to them and perhaps others can learn from it, 10 Swish Ways To Make A Good Start In School.

When going back to school, students should put in mind that it is another field where their best is needed at the start. It is always an edge when you show your best features in the first day of school but of course maintenance is the key to success.

  1. Early to bed, early to rise. Sleeping early the night before the first day of school will help you, students, be in focus. Enough rest means enough energy to Swish with the day on.
  2. Clean and neat. As a student it is mandatory to be clean and neat when going to school and of course with fresh breath smell too with the use of Swish.
  3. Pack and go. Always prepare the things needed for school as early as possible to avoid the hassle of leaving things on the first day or even on the following days.
  4. Carry and spray. Make sure to carry a Swish Breath Spray with you, students, to keep breath smells fresh all day. Students like you need it specially the very talkative ones.
  5. Hi and hello. When making friends to transfer students or new classmates it is always best to say hi and hello.
  6. Be alert and attentive. When inside the class students should put their focus on the subject matter and always be ready for recitation.
  7. Write down. All instructions and assignments are better remembered when writing it down. So don't forget to jot down everything. Not all of us have keen memory or photographic memory.
  8. Remember names. Remembering the names of teachers, instructors and classmates are very important.
  9. Eat and share. It is best to have lunch or snack with someone else, so find a snack buddy or buddies with you in school
  10. Pray. Before leaving for school it is best to always have a prayer for guidance and intelligence to swish the day in school great.

Just like a pack of Swish Mouthwash it readies you anywhere you go and gives you a good start. Swish Mouthwash is an alcohol free mouthwash that helps kill bacteria that causes bad breath and it prevents plaque build-up, gum diseases and tooth decay. It is powered by SureFresh Technology. This Swish with 5 different flavors (Peppermint Fresh, Arctic Chill, Cinnamon Blast, Mangosteen Mint and Icy Choco Mint) is a quality product of Unilab.

So how about you, what are your swish ways to make a good start in school?

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