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Tuesday, September 16

A Life-Changing Event Happened To Us

My father celebrated his birthday in the hospital.
A few weeks ago we experienced another life changing event. It was a moment not to be expected but to be aware of and be cautious. A health problem that struck us in our vulnerable days. My father suffered from stroke.

It was Wednesday morning when my mother shouted and called my name in a panic voice. I immediately rush to their house and into their room. I found my mother trying to lift my father as he fell from the bed. He's conscious but I've noticed that his groggy and his speech is slurred. I carried him out of the room to the sala. Talked to him and noticed changes from his body. He couldn't move left part of his body.

We immediately rushed him to the hospital. 2 hospital, the first one informed us Straight that their hospital is a secondary category which will not be able to cover stroke. We decided to bring my father to the second one which is the Capitol Medical Center. We know it's a private hospital but what we want right that time is for my father to get medical attention. He was immediately treated and thanked God he's still with us.

The almost two weeks that we were in the hospital gave a tremendous stress that worn me out, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. Our strength lies on God that made us spiritually strong that things will be done in His way.

Right now, we're drowning from debts and we are still in need of financial support to maintain my fathers medication. If you have any spare to share that would be very much appreciated. You can send thru my PAYPAL account - You may also help us by signing up in the form on this link LANCASTER or by sharing the link to your friends and relatives who might be interested. Please take note that you need to confirm the email that they'll be sending. The leads will be of great help to me and to us. All the help that you extend are greatly appreciated and may God bless you more.
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