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Sunday, August 2

Daddy Day Care : Movie Marathon


It's weekend once again and as always it is our day, Daddy's day. We've been away for so long again that I almost forgot what Daddy Yashiro's Journal looks like, hahaha, just kidding. Well I did been off for a long time and making updates about my life's journey is really a hard time especially that I'm working. But anyway we will cope up with the missed opportunities.

Movie marathon with the kids surely made our weekend less stress and fun. We did watched movies that we haven't seen yet, like the 'Book of Life'. What's amazing with these kinds of movies is that it gives moral lesson that kids can learn and imbibe.

Another great thing with movie marathon is that both of the kids are quiet and behave, perhaps they are really putting their attention at the movie. They are much more behave and no mess at all. This gives me enough time to clean the house and do some chores.

Of course we all know and very much aware that too much of everything can lead to something not good. So, this movie marathon thing only happens once in a while. To ensure that they will still get activities, outdoor activity to be precise, and get their joints and stamina working real hard. For them to have strong bones and muscles.

So how about you? How's your weekend with your kids?

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