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Sunday, July 24

This Dad is Returning....

Okay, I know that I have not posted any updates here for a while and this Dad is really on a very very very busy side... up to now. It is really hard to juggle things around and sometimes I do miss things that needs to be done. Since it has been a while that I made a post, I think it is just right time to make something extra special but not now, perhaps I'll plan for it first before rolling it now and make a big buzz about it. So better watch out for it.

Remember the last time that I wrote about trying to interview Dads for a Dad's corner of this blog well we will be doing that but of course will take it little by little and hopefully will have a full blast soon.  It's hard to do some interview and write it afterwards but will do it.

So, in other words Daddy Yashiro will be getting back on the limelight of blogging again and will continue our weekly posts like the Monday Rush, Friday Toys and Daddy Day Care plus of course our Parenting and Kids stuff for the parents.

Again this Dad is returning and better watch out all my posts and updates. Read this blog again!
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