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Tuesday, February 14

Gardenia Pocket Sandwich, a #PocketFullOf #Fun

Gardenia Bakeries Philippines, Inc., got something intriguing in their pocket and I was one of the lucky bread lover to get a hold of it. It was soft and fluffy that you can bring around wherever you're going.

Gardenia's Pocket Sandwich, it's a #PocketFullOf #Fun and exciting things packed in a pocket size snack. It is the first sealed sandwich in the Philippines filled with your favourite spread in between soft and creamy Gardenia White Bread. The Gardenia Pocket Sandwich comes in two flavors the Choco-rich and the Luscious peanut butter.

Tuesday, February 7

My Kids' Youtube Channel, Kids On The Go

Admittedly I rarely update this blog since I started attending events and since kids started their youtube channel. Events took most of my time and of course got interest on the perks that get out of it.

Anyway, just last year, after hearing about the story of the Philippines' number one youtuber I was some what got interested to have my kids start their own youtube channel. So we started it last year and uploaded some of the videos. So far they got few videos on it and I didn't concentrated at it yet because I was still working last year. It takes time uploading and editing videos that's why they only got few vids.

Now that I'm a bummer, yes I don't have work right now and we are depending on the perks and gigs that we got from blogging. So, now I got time uploading and editing our kids videos but of course I need to do some part time things to finance us.

For this year we are hoping to boost up the youtube channel of our kids which is the Kids On The Go. To start it I was hoping for you dear readers and followers to take a peek on our kids youtube channel and watch some of the videos. And if you feel your kids can learn from it or enjoy it subscribe to our channel. Watch the welcome video below
What do you think? Should we have a giveaway for kids and parents? If we get a good response better watch out for it.

Monday, February 6

The Perinatal Association of the Philippines Launches Its First Ever Mom and Baby Expo in the Philippines

For all our Mommy friends and moms-to-be out there, Daddy Yashiro shares something interesting and might help for you. We all know that mommies' and babies' health are important and we, the daddies, should always make sure of that. Thanks to the Perinatal Association of the Philippines that they'll be having an event/expo exhibit that showcases all facets of comprehensive perinatal healthcare such as products, services, technology and new methods, all of which are intended in aiding Filipina mothers and their infants.

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