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Wednesday, January 10

Accident and Learning the Reality of Disability

I remember years ago I was able to see online one of the most amazing and strong person this world has ever had. I even had a short blog post describing him and his situation. You can check it out here on entitled "If You Think...". I was very much inspired by his will power and his devotion to God. To be exact that was 9 years ago and that was before I had my accident just this weekend.

The name of that person is Nick Vujicic, the man without arms and legs from the day he was born. The guy who shares his life story as an inspiration to others. I believe a few years ago he was here in Manila as one of the inspirational speaker in an event. Too bad wasn't able to be there to see and hear him in person. Still, knowing that he went here was already an encouragement not only for the depressed but also to those who are lost.

I'm really not sure how I was able to find his video but I think destiny led me to it and I was suddenly get into watching it. Later on I was on tears. I was moved by his life and his strength though I really don't have any I idea of the life he was truly living, a disabled man doing what a complete man is capable of.

Just this weekend, Friday night to be exact. I had an accident. Not a terrible one but just enough to let me not use my other leg for quite sometime as advised by the doctor. As of the time of this writing I still stand on one leg. I couldn't even stand up long enough to balance. This made me look back from my past blog post about Nick. It made me think again, understanding is one thing but experiencing is another thing. I realized and learned that by just simply walking around the house in one leg with a support is really hard. Now imagine having no arms and legs. My leg can be healed and used again but his, it was his life but he has live with it by the Grace of the Lord.

Now I can say somehow that I understand the life of people with disability. It's not easy and they are living with it day by day.

The next time you meet or see a disabled person give him or her a tap at the back or even a hug, they truly need that. It's an encouragement for them knowing there still people who cares.

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