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Monday, August 31

"Holiday with Maki"

Another holiday and it means another bonding time with our son, Maki. Today, will be going to the mall to buy a new Electric Fan. We just hope that will find a good one and of the best buy. We need to give value for our money.

While writing this blog post Maki is already eager to go outside of the house and go to the mall. He can't wait to go now. As in now! So.... we'll be going now.

But before this ends here's something to enjoy at.


Saturday, August 29

"Balloon Trick for Maki's Birthday"

Just a few months to go and it's Maki's 2nd birthday already. I just found this cool thing to do on Maki's 2nd birthday. But I'm sure I'll be needing some more budget on this one. We will make a big balloon and balloons for Maki's birthday.


"Saturday Family Fun"

Today is Saturday and we're going to do a lot of fun. We'll just hope that it won't rain and spoil our fun.

We'll be going to Maki's Ninang (Godmother) and also will be strolling at SM Fairview Mall.


Thursday, August 27

"Helper in the House"

Nanny, Yaya, Helper, or whatever you may call it it's a good thing that there's someone who can help you in babysitting or even doing the household chores. This person have different personalities that you have to attend to. They maybe good in housekeeping but not well on babysitting or vice versa. So you'll really have to check them out if they can do it on their own or you'll have to guide them.

Being part of the family is something that can boost their moral. They deserve to be treated well and as for them to treat us well also. Like in our case we're not calling her yaya but tita so that our kid will give respect to her. Respect means a lot for them.


Wednesday, August 26

"Vitamins for My Toddlers"

Are vitamins and food supplements good for toddlers?

According to an article in experts disagree on whether a daily dose of multivitamin is a good idea for all children. It is also further argues that children don't need supplement because most of the foods are already fortified. But then again they acknowledge that a multivitamin or mineral supplement won't hurt as long as it doesnt exceed the recommended daily allowance. In addition other experts say that a daily dose of vitamins/supplement is a good way to fill in the gaps of the child's nutrition.

Making sure that our toddlers get the best of everything is something that parents always look onto. When it comes to vitamins and food supplements always refer to your pediatrician to give you advice and prescription on what is the best and suitable to give to your child. And of course always remember when you buy medicines or vitamins read the labels and expiry dates. It's a must! It's for you and your child's safety.


Monday, August 24

"Letting Your Toddlers Do Their Own"

Yesterday was our Father and son bonding. My wife, Angie, had to go to work. As usual we would walk around the block in the morning and buy newspaper and food.

I have notice that my son is starting to grow already. He don't want to be carried and he don't want to be accompanied while walking. He wanted to walk on his own. But of course I'm always beside him just in case.

When eating, he always wanted to have his own plate and his spoon. And there are times also that when I'm using a chop stick he would want to use a chop sticks.

Seeing him do things on his own is something that makes me proud and happy. So if it is for his good I just let him do things for his own curiosity. Of course I see to it that he won't get hurt.


"Reasons Why Your Toddler Pushes You Away"

I have experienced this that my son pushes me away or when I'm carrying him, he would push away himself from me. Since our toddlers wasn't able to talk much, their way of communicating are simply more on sign language and actions. So here are some reasons why our toddlers pushes us away and also how to respond during this moods, from

He's had a bad day.
Just like grown-ups, kids have days when all they want to do is crawl under a rock and stay there. He doesn't want your hugs or cuddles to make him feel better.

How to respond: Respect his desire for distance but let him know that you're there if he wants your help.

He's recovering from a tantrum.
If he pushes you away right after you've disciplined him with a time-out or by taking away something he wanted, it's common sense: His feelings have been hurt and he wants you to know it. Or maybe he's just tired — screaming and collapsing on the floor in misery can take a lot out of a person.

How to respond: First, accept that he's entitled to feel disappointed. Think about how you feel after a fight with your spouse or best friend — you probably need some time before you're ready to make up. Your toddler is no different.

He's upset with you and doesn't know how to say it.
Toddlers' emotional lives are complex — they can express their feelings but can't yet explain them. Maybe you've been away on a business trip and he missed you but is angry that you were gone. Or perhaps he's upset that you've spent most of the day with your new baby. Whatever the situation may be, his feelings overwhelm him but he doesn't know how to let you know what's going on.

How to respond: If you suspect that there's an underlying reason for your child's rejection, talk to him. Ask him questions in a gentle manner — "Are you feeling like I don't spend enough time with you?" — and accept his responses without judgment.

He may be going through an "independent" phase.
At age 1 your child may have seemed glued to your lap. As he gets older he may refuse to even let you near his block tower. This could be because he needs you less, because he's testing you to see if you'll be steadfast in your love if he tries pushing you away, or simply because he's going through a busy stage where his focus is elsewhere (and you're just interrupting his learning time with your requests for kisses).

How to respond: Try not to take his rebuffs too seriously. He still loves you but may not need your hugs and kisses as much right now. If it seems like you're bothering him when he's hard at work, save your hugs and kisses for bedtime or when he's not so occupied. As long as he's sure you adore him, he'll know where to find you when he's in a cuddly mood.

How to respond: It's normal for kids to go through phases of clinginess or rejection with each parent, especially if one of you is working outside the home full-time. But if you think your child's change in attitude means something more significant, look at your and your partner's behavior. Do either of you somehow encourage this favoritism?

It could be that without realizing it, you're acting annoyed every time your husband comes home or you're suddenly lavishing your son with affection. Does your husband expect your child to run to him with open arms, when it's really more your toddler's style to warm up slowly?

He may not be the touchy-feely type.
Even if you're very affectionate, your child is his own person and may not have inherited this trait.

How to respond: If your toddler seems distant, you may have to simply accept him for who he is. Instead of acting hurt, let your child lead the way when it comes to affection. Chances are that even if he has a more self-reliant temperament, he'll still need a hug or a kiss once in a while — when he's upset or scared, for instance.

He isn't feeling well.
Your normally cuddly toddler is suddenly impatient and testy, pushing you away when you expect him to embrace you.

How to respond: If it's a really striking shift, consider a check-up at the pediatrician's office. It could be a physical issue, such as a newly developed allergy or some other illness.

He's experiencing real anger or distress — and acting out inappropriately.
Some toddlers can occasionally cross the line, and their rejection becomes physically violent (pushing, hitting, or biting, for example).

How to respond: Even if it isn't especially painful, it's important to take a very definite stand against any sort of violent outburst. For a toddler, this means setting a clear and simple consequence: "No. Mommy doesn't like that. If you do that, I'll have to put you down / take you home / take it away." Then make sure to follow through.

So these are the reasons and I hope that it could help, especially to Dads who always at work.


"Sunday Service Message"

Yesterday's message was the continuation of the Tithing and Offering, as usual Maki always runs around that's why I can't hardly understand the message. Anyway I just want to share that tithing and offering really do brings back blessings. It maybe not tangible but it is still a blessing that comes to us.

We don't need a huge or big blessings to come just to prove that God blesses but simple things like our lives are proof of Gods graciousness to us.


Friday, August 21

"Ninoy Aquino Day, Yellow Day, Family Day"

Today is declared holiday to commemorate the death anniversary of Ninoy Aquino meaning no work and it's family time. So we have decided to spend our family time close to Ninoy Aquino, the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wild Life.

When came to the place, Ninoy's bust monument where decorated with yellow flowers. We walk inside the place and look for the best spot to lay the blanket. Maki was so eager and hyper in running around the place. We waited for my in-laws and for the kids.

While waiting for them and when we look at the sky we've noticed that the clouds were darken. We we're worried that it might rain.

So just to keep the day fun Maki and I started to walk around and later on rested. When my in-laws came the fun get much better and the kids were all hyper.
wildlife Maki


Thursday, August 20

"A Contest to Make the Day"

Here's a contest that I've found, I know its a bit late but hey we still got two Fridays of August left. This Five Dollar Friday is a contest from tututina. So if you still want to win blog about this now!

Here are the details of the contest.

How to Enter
Anyone can enter the contest. But you must follow our giveaway guidelines in order to qualify:
1. Blog about our Five Dollar Fridays Giveaway
2. Select from our buttons (small or large) or our animated banner and post it on your blog/webpage
3. Leave me a comment telling me you've blogged about my giveaway. You MUST include in your comment your blog/webpage URL and your paypal email (sign up for your free personal paypal account if you don't have one!) so we can verify you've blogged about the giveaway and we can give you the prize if you are the winner.
**You only need to blog once and keep our buttons/banners up for the duration of the August long contest and you will automatically be entered in all of our Five Dollar Friday Draws. Click here for more details.


Wednesday, August 19

"Toddler's Fears"

Just got an email from updating me regarding my son, Maki. The article was about "Easing Your Toddler's Fears".

Actually before this email, I think, when Maki was about 15 to 18 months old he already developed a fear on Mascots and statue, especially those fast food chain statues. We don't know how it was developed but we just noticed when we were passing by a fast food chain and there was a life size statue. I was carrying him and suddenly he just started clinging on me really tight as he has a ghost. So we tried to look where or to whom he was scared and found out that he was scared with the statue. We got worried that he might developed a more complex fear on mascots and statue so we tried little by little to let him know that its not scary. By simply touching the statue and letting him know that its harmless. It took us 4 months for him to overcome that fear. By now, Maki is the one going and playing around with the statues. shares options and strategies for you on how to ease your toddler's fears. So here are some of the strategies to consider.

Don't make light of his/her fears. Try not to smile or be dismissive when she reacts with fright to, say, a flushing toilet or a siren. Let her know you understand how it feels to be afraid of something. If you're reassuring and comforting, she'll learn that it's okay to feel afraid and it's best to deal with her fears.

Use a "lovey." A so-called comfort object — a raggedy baby blanket, perhaps, or a well-worn teddy bear — can help some children with their fears. An object like this can offer an anxious child familiarity and reassurance, especially at times when you need to leave her, such as when you drop her off at daycare or tuck her in for the night.

Explain, expose, and explore. A scared toddler can sometimes get over a fright if you provide a simple, rational explanation for what's worrying her. You may put an end to her fear of being sucked down the drain along with the bathwater by saying, "Water and bubbles can go down the drain, but rubber duckies and children can't." Or explain that an ambulance has to make a really loud noise so that other cars know to get out of the way.

Problem-solve together. If your toddler's afraid of the dark, get a nightlight for her room. Other tactics you can use to banish bedtime fears include a designated guard (a beloved stuffed animal), "monster spray" (water in a spray-bottle), or a magic phrase that wards off unwelcome visitors.

Practice through pretend play. If your child is terrified of the doctor, she may benefit from role-playing what happens at the doctor's office (a toy doctor's kit can help). Some toddlers feel more confident when they actually visit the doctor if they come with their kit in tow.

Don't share your own fears. If your toddler sees you break out in a sweat because there's a spider in the bedroom or cringe when you walk into the dentist's office, then she's likely to feel scared of these things, too. So try to work through your own anxieties or at least try to downplay them.

To read more about how to ease your toddler's fear just visit


Monday, August 17

"Sunday Service Message : Tithing"

Before anything else I just want to share want we always sing in the church before the message.

Okay after you have listened to this music now I'll share what was God's message yesterday.

As usual I only listen to the message right outside the sanctuary at the stairs, well I think our beloved Maki wanted to have a duet with our Pastor in preaching God's message. So I still thank God that I was, still, able to listen though I didn't get much of the message.

And as one of my ministry I'm sharing God's word to everyone who would be able to read this.

The message was the continuation of last weeks message and the main thrust is about "Tithing" and the Bible Verse is Malachi 3:10.

3:10 “Bring the entire tithe into the storehouse20 so that there may be food in my temple. Test me in this matter,” says the Lord who rules over all, “to see if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until there is no room for it all.

We, as Christ believers, sometimes mixed up tithes from offerings. According to the message tithe is 1/10 of what we have gained from our work or even a blessing from HIM. We should give 1/10 of what we have because everything comes from HIM and this is the only thing that HE asked from us. Let us make sure that the 1/10 is the best of what we have. On the other hand offerings are what we give beyond the ten percent or below the ten percent of course it is our own urge to give aside from our ten percent responsibility to GOD.

So if you're wondering where will this ten percent will be used. I think it will go to different organizations and branches of the Church. Some of them are Church workers and preachers, who also need to eat and have a living, the temple of GOD that needs to be clean and well groomed and the most important of all tithes are used to spread the word of GOD by the help of the missionaries.

The message tells us that we should be honest in giving our tithes without doubt and GOD will blessed us accordingly.


Sunday, August 16

"Resources for Growing Toddlers"

Ever since Maki was born I always read and search for sites that could help me how to raise my son and how to be a good parent. I was thankful that I found this website that really give tips and things to learn about the child. They even get comments and experiences from other parents as well and shares them to other parents through their website.

So, in order to get update with the site I subscribe to their mailing list and every week they send me an email giving me sneak preview of what is Maki's behavior for the week or what's he should be learning by that week. They even have a chart to inform you how old is your child.

So parents try this website it will surely help you a lot. The site is called Actually their program starts from pregnancy till your baby has grown up into a big kid.

Parents should always be ready for their kids.



Saturday, August 15

"Saturday Painting Contest"

Today we got up early and prepared for the painting contest which is held at the activity area of the church.

The Painting Contest is launched to select drawing for the Good News Times Cover which will be released on the 22nd Anniversary of the Puno United Methodist Church.

The contest was joined by five organization of the church and we were under the United Methodist Young Adult Fellowship (UMYAF).

Fortunately we go to be on the 3rd place and here's our entry.


Maki was also doing some paintings and drawing together with the other kids.

Mommy and Maki

Maki and others


Friday, August 14


It was frustrating that I wasn't able to watch "Transformers 2". Well actually, since after Maki's birth my wife and I haven't watch any single movie. I missed all the good movies that was shown. Anyway there are still VCDs and DVDs on sale so I'll just try to look for it on video store or ... never mind.

The thing about the transformers that fascinates me is how they were created and how they transform. Imagine how vast is human imagination to think something like this which was later on scientist are already trying to create robots like this.

Speaking of imagination I think Filipinos also got a really unique way of imagining things. This is actually a spoof and localize version of the Transformers. Seen this on Credit to wherever she has taken this photos. I just hope that you enjoy this.


optibus prime

bumble jeep








Wednesday, August 12

"Interesting Blog"

I always read contents of different blogs. I wanted to know what their topics are and if it could give me facts and information or even some tips.

Our blog for today is Puneet’s Blog and SEM services, it is a SEM services and random thoughts of Puneets. Meaning it offers Search Engine Marketing commonly known as Search Engine Optimization but on this one he markets the Search Engines (I hope I got it right). Well this one could really help you increase your traffic volume. The searchable your blog or website the more visitors will come to your site.

Aside from SEM Services Puneets also writes about things and everything and it’s interesting to read. It got film reviews which intrigues me about the “Knowing”. I haven’t watched this and maybe I’ll try to look for this video. It got write ups about sports also. It also got public services information especially about the virus that is spreading today.

So if you want to try Puneets just visit the site.


Tuesday, August 11

"Another Primetime Craze"

I think there will be another primetime craze in our family. The show is not new to all Pinoys but how they recreate the story really let every Pinoy long for it every now and then. Of course my family knows it also. I just don't know if my wife is a big fan of the character.

I think the character were played by so many actresses already. I don't know the count but for sure who ever is "IN" or if she has the "IT" thing, she'll eventually play the character. And I think every actress dreams to play this role.

The character is made by a Pinoy comics writer. Aside television and radio, comics is the other past time and entertainment during that time. As I can recall I have a memory reading one of this comics because my father always bring different types of comics.

So, what's this new primetime craze... it's DARNA! She flies again on primetime but this time she was played by Marian Rivera the new primetime sensation on GMA 7.

So if you're a fan of DARNA! Watch it again!




At first I really don't know what happened during the funeral procession of the former President Cory Aquino but after seeing this clip from youtube, now I know. He should have at least give respect because that was the only time that the former president will be remembered while his program is aired Monday to Saturday.

I don't know if my wife will still watch this.


Sunday, August 9

"Sunday Service Message: Biblical Stewardship"

Today, Maki and I had prepared to go to Church very early and we were able to go the place where his mom is working. Still, we were late at the Church Service.

Getting to church late is really not good at all that's why at least we are changing it bit by bit.

Now to those whos are following my Sunday Service Message, here's today's God's message.

Read: Malachi 3:10

Notes from the sermon:

Mammon - is an evil spiritual power that grips them (the people) and enslave them through money. It is not money itsel it is the spiritual power that works in the world and in the lives of million of people through their attitude towards money.

Giving is sowing - an investment.

Why do we give?

> In recognition of the fact that God is the giver.
> In appreciation of Divine Grace
> In surrender of our life and talents to God.


Saturday, August 8

"Tips on Having Your Kid/s at the Mall"

Kids are very fragile, always run around, and observant on every thing that's new to them.

The mall is like a jungle for your kids, people are like beasts and trees they maybe good or bad. So always look after your kids and never loose them, especially if your family is strolling the mall on a weekend or holiday.

Here are some tips for the parents if you're always going out or strolling the mall.

Ø Some parents use this straps to keep their kids close to them. Personally I hate that straps because kids are not dogs and parents do your thing if your with your kids.

Ø Never let your kids, especially the toddler ones, to let them walk on crowded places. They might accidentally get bump by those people who walk like they're alone in the world.

Ø If you want your kids to stroll around put them on a less crowded people and make sure the place is child friendly.

Ø Some malls have strollers for rent. So if you don't want to get tired of carrying your kids rent one.

Ø If you’re strolling on a fragile wares always keep your kids hands off on everything or the best thing don't bring them there.

Ø Always bring extras. You'll never know what will happen.


"Putting Your Child Early to Bed"

Do you have a son that is so hyper that he always wanted to play? And if his not playing he only write and write until he got tired and fall asleep?

Well don't ask anymore because our son, Maki, is the one. We find it hard to put Maki in bed early, we don't know why but we're starting to worry because Maki's nap time is always late.

To make a solution to our problem, I tried to look for some articles that will help us put Maki early to bed. I managed to find an article about "How to put your child early to bed?"

According to the article its natural for the kid to be hyper and play as much as he could. He don't have a notion of time so the real time keeper is us, the parents. We are the one who should decide whether our child must go to sleep or not. The article emphasize that parents shouldn't interrupt their child while playing and forced them to bed instead parents should let the child slow down and give them some time to prepare to sleep.

To make sleeping time as easy as possible there are suggestion that parents can do and practice. Create a bed time ritual in order for the child to remember or know that it is bed time already. Things or rituals that both parents and children will enjoy are reading a story or poem, playing a particular game, singing or just simply praying. You could also add a little bit of writing. These are suggested rituals that can ease up kids sleeping time.

Another tip is that parents should lessen or limit day time nap so that they will have good night sleep.

Read this article from We'll try all of the things said here because we wanted our child to developed physically and mentally well.


Friday, August 7

"Continues Rain"

Yesterday, after office, I don't know yet whether to go to the mall or not because of the continues but not heavy rain. I got only one purpose to go to the mall that is to return and replace the card reader that I have bought last Monday.

Well, I decided then since its kind of gloomy that day I might as well have a stroll at the mall. Plus I miss my son. When its raining like this we only stayed in the house and watch movies.

When I got there all I see are the usual thing in the mall no new things. I went straight to the store where I bought the card reader and have it replaced. After that I go around the mall and look for some new things, an interesting things of course. But unfortunately there's none.


Wednesday, August 5

"A Day with Maki"

Since its holiday today we decided to go to the mall this afternoon. We went to Tom's World and we had so much fun.

We played all the games we could play. Maki played some rolling balls which he was able to score 12. We also played with the tickets and got some 200 plus. Fortunately we hit one toy and some candies also. Also with the number of tickets we were able to get one bolster for Maki. Maki was so very hyper on Tom's World.


"At Home Watching the Funeral Procession"

Right now, we were in our house watching another mark in history, the funeral procession of former President Corazon Aquino.

While watching and seeing all those people that line up along the route going to her resting place, I could say that she still doesn't loose her spirit of uniting all the Filipino people. Also, its almost like the funeral procession of her husband, the late Senator Ninoy Aquino.

The "Laban Mother" is now going to her resting place. Farewell President Corazon Aquino.


Tuesday, August 4

"Can't Wait To Get Home"

It's already past 5:00 PM and I can't wait to get back home. I want to play with my kid and have some time with him tonight.

I don't have any update on my son for the past two days because I don't have any cell phone. The issued cellphone was recalled so right now I'm not using any that's why I can't wait to get home already.


Monday, August 3

"Holiday for the Former Mother"

This coming Wednesday, August 5, 2009, the Malacañang has declared it as a Special Non-working holiday to honor and give respect to the late former President Corazon Aquino.

President Gloria Macapaga-Arroyo declared it so that we may come or watch the funeral of the Yellow Lady, former President Cory Aquino.

The "Yellow Lady" or the "L" lady has decided to rest after struggling with colon cancer. She died last August 1, 2009 at about 3:18 AM due to complications.

Being the former mother of the country has indeed inculcate some lesson in life among us. She lead a peaceful revolution which has successfully overthrown the previous government.

Though off from the limelight of politics former President Corazon Aquino still continues serving the Filipino people in some other way. Both her and her husband surely could say that Filipinos are worth dying for. Even in death she still continue making every Filipino people at peace and one.


Saturday, August 1

"Maki, My Pain Reliever"

Today was a very busy day! Because there was a Medical Mission in Dinalupihan, Bataan. The whole day was so very from preparation to medical mission proper up to the end program. Making sure things will went as smoothly as possible but still there is no perfect plan and there will always be fragments of mistakes and problems will occur during the activity.

The day ended up with aching body and sleepy eyes. The travel back home still requires more hours before I could lay my back and fall asleep. I thought it our travel back to Manila will be as fast as possible but I was wrong, yes it was fast though NLEX but when we reached Balintawak then that's were the penitence started. It was past 5 pm and it was also raining, the cars movement were so slow and it was bumper to bumper. The only choice is to go forward, there is no turning back!

Thank God we manage to push through the traffic,... it was 7:30 PM already. What a day!

The only consolation I got when got home is my kid. It was a pain reliever seeing him running to you and saying dy (that was short for daddy). Now Maki is really my ointment for body aches!

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