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Wednesday, March 31


It's reminiscing time and it's time to open our memory lane box. Recalling the days of our parts, from being a child into becoming a childish one. Indeed life always have good memories that ewe can share and enjoy retelling to the young ones. If you can still remember your younger days when you were forming a your own group, well... our memory lane box is about that. So box open!

As I recall it, we were in Grade 4. The river was still clean that time, which is by the way beside our school. You can still see the river stones beneath the water. Sometimes we go there and play. I don't exactly remember how we got into looking for stones during that day but what I remember is that we got each of us a stone and we made pact that we'll be friends and our group will be called the SEED Boys. SEED comes from our last names. S is for Santiago, E is for Ello, the other E was the last name of Noel (I forgot what was it but I know t started with E) and of course the D stands for Demo (my last name). Put them all together forms the word SEED and since we're all boys it became SEED Boys.

The group stayed on until Grade 5 and not until Sundy Ello had to stop schooling because of some personal reason. So the SEED Boys lost one because after that we don't have any communication with him. The three of us graduated from elementary. Santiago and I continued high school on the same school but Noel we didn't know where he went to. After that we don't have any communication with Noel. The SEED Boys was lost after elementary, all have gone to their own paths. Santiago and we're the only ones left and up to now we're still friends.

I don't know where I had put that stone but what matters is that I still remember the pact. I wonder where's Sundy and Noel now....

So that wraps up our memory lane and it's time to close the box. Tatata!


Monday, March 29

No Matter What

Yesterday I wasn't able to post the Sunday Service Message. I fell asleep trying to make our little kid sleep also. We're having problem making our little kid sleep early. He is very much active during night time or should I say the whole day. So if we wanted him to sleep early all lights should be turned off including the PC. What! Could somebody tell how to make him go to bed as early as possible? And also give me some tips how down low his hyperactivity?

Anyway enough with my kid lets go back to what I'm supposed to share tonight. I wanted to share this testimony yesterday. It was God in motion. For the background Anna has a heart problem but she still insisted or should I say she still wanted to bear a child. The testimony was done by Anna's mother. During Anna's eight month of pregnancy she was forced to deliver the baby because her waterbag broke already. Her condition was not good and according to her mother her heart beat was declining. It reaches 18 and still running low. Anna's mother was holding the buzzer and the other is laying hands over Anna. They didn't let go of God's promise though they can already buzz the doctor still they hold on to God's healing power. According to the testimony Anna was dead already then but was given a second life for her family and to testify God's power.

A phrase that Anna's family hold on to. No matter what... we will never let go Lord God! I prayed that we can be as firm as Anna's family, having our faith straight to God.


Monday Rush : Just An Ordinary Day

Just taking a break from a morning documentation thing. Today is just an ordinary day. No particular thing happen except that I don't have any breakfast and right now I'm hungry already. Anyway I just wanted to update my Monday Rush thing while I'm taking my break.

An ordinary day though its Holy Monday already and I'm wondering what will happen this whole week. I don't have any plan yet............


Sunday, March 28

The Earth Hour Event

Last year we did participate in the Earth Hour. All lights and even the appliances in the house are all turned off. This year we participated again as usual all lights and electrical appliances are off. The only light we have is the flash light with no batteries and the candle. It was sad to know that most of our neighbors ignore this call. They were all lit up during the Earth Hour. I don't know if they forgot it or they just don't want to participate. Maybe next year we'll try to convince others to join the Earth Hour.

So during the Earth Hour we don't have anything else to do except to stay inside the house and wait for the hour to end we decided to take pictures. So these are our pictures.


I Had My Laugh!

This morning, while I was browsing and dropping for entrecard, I came across at Living Health with Auntie E. I read some of her post and this did get my attention. A video clip entitled "Don't Send A Man to A Grocery Store!". Well obviously I got curious! Why wouldn't you send a man to a grocery store? So I watched the video and listen to it attentively. As it goes it really did give me a laugh.

Well the story partly tells the truth. Men in general couldn't really do what the women does when shopping. Men intend to go directly to what he needs without making comparison or looking for the great deals. So men lets just let the ladies to the grocery.


Saturday, March 27

Join the EARTH HOUR Tonight

By switching our lights off tonight will be helping Mother Earth ease her suffering. Join the EARTH HOUR and be a part of this world wide event.


"A Mail From Lockerz"

Last Thursday, my wife texted me that I got a mail from Since my wife was curious enough and couldn't wait for me to open it, she actually took the privilege of opening it for me. Well it was a sticker that's what my wife said but actually it was an iPhone Skin. It was what I have redeemed from last month's redemption day.

I really want to get an iPod Touch or a PSP or a Wii but unfortunately other members are fast enough to get the good stuff. So, what's left behind was just the stickers, iPhone Skins and some desktop designs. I prefer to take the iPhone Skins just to prove that they really send what you have redeemed. So I think I have the initial proof already and maybe next month I will receive my Z-Lister T-Shirt plus (crossing my finger) the PSP I was hoping for.

So if you want to join just send me your email and I'll send you an invitation. Joining is by invitation only. This is all free so there's no harm in trying this.


Friday, March 26


Yesterday we felt an intensity 4 earthquake here in our Office at Clark, Pampanga. At first I thought I was getting dizzy staring at the computer but when it started getting strong then that's the time I realized it was an earthquake. It lasted less than two minutes I think. It was going in two motion that will really shake whatever is above the ground. Of course we didn't panic but we're ready if anything goes worst.

I chatted with my friends afterwards and ask them if they felt the earthquake of them informed us that it came from somewhere in the sea near the island of Occidental Mindoro. It was intensity six there. My wife texted me if I felt the earthquake and I said yes. We're just thankful that it wasn't strong enough to do some damages.

Since last year I think I've felt 3 or 4 earthquakes in our office but it was just mild shakes of the ground. Maybe it was caused some volcanic eruptions because Philippines is part of the ring of fire in the pacific, places like Japan, Philippines and other neighboring countries. So quakes are often felt in this places.

Let's just pray that there will be no more earthquakes like in Chile and Haiti.


Wednesday, March 24

"Giving Up... Why?"

Just another thought for the day "Giving Up". Why is it that people tend to commit suicide whenever they got some serious problem with their life?

Just yesterday while listening to the radio I heard this news about two different incidents committed suicide. The other one was left by his wife and the other one with an unknown reason. I don't know the reason why they did that and I'm not in the right position to condemn them of what they have did. My only thought about this is that life is so beautiful why do you have to end it in a most miserable way.

There are people with much greater problems in their life. Some don't have hands and limbs but still they manage to keep on fighting. Others continue with their life as a living testimony on how they have survive with a great floods in their life.

There was a joke about committing suicide though it was common with drinkers, still, it speaks the truth. The phrase goes like this..."If your going to commit suicide think of the cost of the morgue, cost of the coffin, cost of the burial, and the cost of the cemetery. Now think how much is the cost of one bottle of beer." It only tells that problems can be solved all you need is someone to talk to.

If you think you have an enormous problem that you think suicide is the only solution... think twice. There's always an enormous GOD who carries your burden.

Now how about you? What do you think of this?


Tuesday, March 23

"A Different Perception"

After a long month of struggle it seems that everything is moving again. Making all paths much clearer and wider. I thought by making it my own way will get me to where I want to be but it seems that God is making his plan into action in a quite different way. It is really funny that many times we thought that this is what God wanted for us or this is God's plan for us but we're wrong. The only thing we should do is pray, be still, and listen to know what God really wanted for us.


Monday, March 22

"Looking for Sponsors!"

Yashiro blog will be celebrating it's 2nd Blogoversary this coming May. As part of our usual celebration a contest is always held for the benefit of the readers and bloggers. This time the contest is called "POST DROP CASH". Sponsors will gain traffic from this and bloggers will win cash and prizes.

PostDropCashLooking 4 Sponsors

Also this contest will be for a cause. For every sponsor who will commit I will be allotting a portion of the committed cash to two persons who are in need. If you remember my post last year about my wife's nephew Raphael who's a cleft lip and a cleft palate. The lip has been operated already and they are waiting for the 2nd operation which will be the palate. And the other one is my nephew Johndel, 14 years old, who is undergoing peritoneal dialysis. The allotment will be like this $5 - $1, $10 - $2, and $20 - $4. The amount is not that much but it will sure give some help.

So I encourage every bloggers who are willing to sponsor this contest and help. Hope to hear from you and God bless.


Sunday, March 21

"March Madness"

Just a survey from


"Support Doc Ed"

To all bloggers who leave in San Mateo, Rizal let us support Doc Ed in his campaign.

Doc Ed

Edwin Monares

Fellow bloggers and SAVE ME members, here are the text code/links if you want to paste it into your blog or social medias excluding and some other sites.

Doc Ed

Doc Ed


"Saturday Insomnia"

It seems that I'm experiencing insomnia tonight. Can't sleep yet and I still have to finish some of my online chores. Also I don't have anything to write tonight. I'm running out of ideas and articles to write and share to others. Maybe it is because of what I feel tonight.


Friday, March 19

"dNeero New Homepage" is one of the site that I usually visit. This site is a survey site and also you can post some questions that you would like to survey. They have been dormant for quite sometime and now they have started to send me surveys again.

Feel free to visit this site and see for yourself.


Thursday, March 18

"Things to Consider For Toys"

We all know that kids loves toys. This is their world and this is how they learn things, aside from us parents of course. For kids, toys are essential! Before we go shopping for toys there are things that we parents should consider and we should take it as a habit to ensure the safety of our kids.

  • Fabric made toys should be tagged or labeled as flame resistant or flame retardant.
  • Stuffed toys should be washable.
  • Painted toys should be covered with lead-free paint and should indicate that the paint used are lead-free.
  • Art materials should be labeled as nontoxic.
  • Crayons and paints should be labeled approved by testing agencies on your respective country.
  • Toys should be age-appropriate.

I hope that these little information can help other parents choose the best and safe toys for their kids.


"Are Parents Careful?"

I have read this article from and it talk about what parent's life should be when their children are in the age of 1-2 years old. It says that children at the age of 1-2 years old are more vulnerable to accidents like drowning, poisoning, and head bumps. On this stage they say that all parents are very careful with their kids but the main problem is the time that they are momentarily distracted and that's the time accidents happen. Some of these distractions are when parents are in their stress level like morning rush, before dinner time, when there are guests, on vacation, or when running late. So maybe during these times that parents should be more vigilant in taking of their kids. As the article points out parents are careful with their kids only the distractions makes them left their kids unnoticed.


Tuesday, March 16

"Monthsaries and Anniversaries"

Monthsaries and Anniversaries! How do you celebrate them? For the male specie, celebrating monthsaries and anniversaries are not their number one priority. Men are too busy with their own things and they are not into remembering dates. Men... bear it! It's true! Though there are some who are very passionate and creative with regards to celebrating events like monthsaries and anniversaries. Some even goes to a very extreme and even up to the point of spend a lot just to please their beloved one.

So how do you really celebrate these events? Do you take it seriously or you just let it passby? Think of your past and reminisce your first monthsary... or your first anniversary. Most of us are very enthusiastic and alive in celebrating our firsts but as the days and years go by we often neglect these important dates. These even comes to the point that we forget it. Other reason are saying that they neglect or forget it because they are to busy and some says that it's too expensive celebrating it. Celebrating doesn't have to be very detailed or luxurious. As I recall, our celebration are not too expensive and not too detailed but I make sure that it always has some twists. My gifts are home made and personalized because I find it more expressive. You can put what ever thoughts that you have and visualize whatever imagination runs to your mind. Everything are materials you just need a little bit of creativity and passion. I also make it exciting everytime she gets her gifts.

So how do you celebrate yours? Share your thoughts and experience!


Monday, March 15

"Monday Rush : Nothing Important"

Today is our Monday Rush and it seems that there's not much important event today. It's just like one of the days. Travel, work, eat, and sleep. The only thing exciting is playing with my family after I come home from the office and of course my usual online chores... blogging.

As you can see my blog is recently tweaked and I'm happy that I was able to make some changes here. Another thing is that I think I'll be changing some of the features, that is if I get a chance to find something interesting to have on my blog. The Entrecard and Adgitize list of blogs... watch out for it. I will posting it here soon and that will be a part of some of the changes.

So today is Monday! The start of the week, the start of everything and the beginning of something new.


Sunday, March 14

"Daddy Day Care : Visit to Raphael 2"

Since my post with the Daddy Day Care : Visit to Raphael was not that really long and details here's the long story of the day and some pictures.

That day was very tiring. I could still feel all the aches that I get from that day. Muscles and joints were all a little bit numb but the aches are terrible. I think I should get a very relaxing massage... hehehe that is if I have that much money to be luxurious. But anyway a little bit of exercise will perhaps shakes my muscles and joints a little.

So here's how the day goes. We prepared at around 3 AM. Take note it's 3 AM with a bold letter and I think I slept at around 1 AM. Just two hours sleep. We left my in-laws house at around 4 AM and we got to the bus terminal at around 5 AM. We waited for almost 2 hours before the bus left the terminal. So the sun was already shining when we left for Laguna. Since most of us were still sleepy (I think), we're all asleep while cruising along the province of Rizal. I woke up at the boundary of Rizal and Laguna. The road were winding like a zigzag and the two kids, Ryan and Rain, were already dizzy. After another few winding roads the two kids vomit. Good thing we brought some plastic bags. The road to Raphael was very long and winding but seeing Raphael together with the kids is really worth it.

When we got there in Laguna at Felisa's Father's house, Raphael, Rain and Maki was all quiet. Perhaps they're just adjusting themselves because this is the first time that they have seen Raphael with a fully operated lips. Yes! Raphael's cleft lip was already operated. They still have to wait for the operation of the inner part. It was a blessing and something to be thankful to GOD.

Afternoon, we went swimming in the river far from their place I think it's a good scenic spot. Many the people there love to go swimming in that place. It's wide river seeing the wide range of the remnants of the river flow. There are some parts that are more than one story deep. I checked one area and it was really deep. I didn't go way deeper because I'm not that familiar of the place. I'm just keeping it safe. Since we got some kids with us we just enjoyed ourselves in the shallow area of the river where kids can splash around and play. This is Maki's first time to bath and swim in the river. I think he enjoyed it! We all had a great fun though the road to and from that place was so steep that we have to go down to push the tricycle. Tricycle is really not a good vehicle to go there. You really needed a very strong four-wheeled vehicle. Anyway we got through it and got home safe.

It was almost midnight when we got home. We really have to endure the winding roads and the time of travel. The good thing to be thankful to God is that we all enjoyed and got back home safe and sound.


"Watch Live : Pacquiao vs Clottey"

Here's an embed of the live streaming if it doesn't show here's the link Pacquiao vs Clottey.

Get Microsoft Silverlight


Saturday, March 13

"Daddy Day Care : Visit to Raphael"

We've just visited Maki's cousin Raphael. We were so very thankful that Raphael's cleft lip is already operated. Both of them had a great time together.


Friday, March 12

"Blog's New Look"

Just finished tweaking the new look of this blog. It took me some time to rearrange the set up and the structure. You really have to know some of the basics of html and other computer language to be able to tweak some changes and look it just the way you want it. Plus a little bit of research to know some details.

Anyway I hope that the readers will be delighted to view my blog's new look. Also I put some menu on top to let readers easily find what they wanted to look for especially for the parents who wanted to know about some tips and stuff about babies and kids. So this is just the start of some changes and their will be more changes coming soon.

Good day and God bless to everyone!


Thursday, March 11

"Kid Saves Family"

How many kids will instantly reaction in a life and death situation? I really don't know because most of the kids get traumatized if they or their family are put into grave danger. But these kid saves his parents from being murdered by instantly and alertly calling 911. If you want to know the details watch the video and hear for yourself.


Wednesday, March 10

"Cheap and Fun Activities for Preschoolers"

Activities are ways of bonding with your kids. There are some fun and cheap activities that you can do together with your kids. I got this with my ever reliable As usual I got my weekly those of tips and informations about babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Since Maki is a preschooler most of them are for preschoolers. If you want to know more about babies and toddlers just visit

So here are some ideas that provided for us parents to spend time together with our kids.

Bathing in the pink
Or the green, or the blue… A few drops of food coloring can go a long way toward making bath time something special. It's especially fun to mix a couple of primary colors together, such as blue and red to make purple. And no, your child won't emerge from his bath looking like a grape – a few drops of food coloring diluted in a tub of water won't dye your child's skin.

Time travel
You know those old photographs of your own third birthday party or your ninth-grade dance? Dig them out and snuggle with your preschooler for a trip down memory lane. Wedding videos work well too! Of course, she'll also enjoy seeing pictures and videos of herself when she was "little." So break out the snacks and make an evening of it.

Ravishing radishes
When it comes to instant gardening gratification, radishes are the way to go – they pop up in a matter of weeks! After winter's last frost, take your preschooler to the gardening store and let him pick out the package of seeds with the picture he likes best. (It'll cost just a few dollars.) At home, find a sunny patch of yard and have your child plant the seeds directly in the ground or in a small planter. You can even grow radishes inside in a container set in a sunny south-facing window. Your little gardener will love digging a hole, sprinkling in the seeds, and covering them up. The fun continues as he gets to water the radishes and watch them grow.

Monochrome meal
We grown-ups like a little variety in our meals – but kids, who often love uniformity, get a kick out of having a special dinner in which everything is the same color. So serve up a meal that's entirely orange (macaroni and cheese, sweet potato, orange juice, carrots), green (pesto pasta, limeade, broccoli), or yellow (lemonade, scrambled eggs, corn, pineapple).

Hunting down nature
Give your child a bag or bucket and go on an old-fashioned nature hunt. Take your time and let him collect whatever he likes – pinecones, leaves, rocks, sticks, burrs. When you get home, break out the glue and cardboard and get him started making a collage or sculpture. He may also enjoy painting a rock or two (it could become his new favorite pet).

So I hope that you'll enjoy doing this together with your kids. Have a fun day!


Tuesday, March 9

"First time..."

In all the things that we do there's always a first time. First timers always mark that date or that day is marked on them. Whether it's bad or good that first time always sink into ourselves. A little bit of fun today just comment and post your answers.

First bike ...

First kiss ...

First work ...

First outdoor adventure ...

First time on an airplane ...

First time use of internet ...

First time to travel abroad ...

First time in Boracay ...

First car ...

First movie ...

First date ...

First love ...

First time to be embarrassed ...

First house ...

First baby ...

First time father/mother ...

First Christmas ...

First sleep with your wife/husband ...

First day after the wedding ...

If you can still recall these first times, list them down and think of it. If you're married it's something fun doing together with your spouses.


Monday, March 8

"Help Me..."

Yesterday, I don't know what happened to my blog. The set-up just suddenly change. To some techie guru out there please do comment on what to do with my problem. Thanks.

Sunday, March 7

"Keeping Your Kids Safe"

I just want to share things that other parents might like to take it as tips for keeping their kids safe and out of danger. These are just simple things that you might consider putting into practice. Common things that most parents or some parents neglect about this.

When riding a public utility vehicles (commonly the jeep). When carrying a baby or toddlers never position yourself and your kids near the "istribo" or the entrance of the jeep. It's prone to danger especially when the jeep driver is reckless. I commonly see this with parents carrying their babies and kids. Their reason it is much easier to get off the jeep which I think they don't consider it very dangerous. I would suggest to position near behind the driver seat. It's much safer!

When riding in a car. Another common mistakes of parents in keeping their kids safe. Kids should be placed on the back seat. If it's a baby, you should seat on the backseat to carry your baby or if you have car equipment for babies place them there and make sure the seat belts are tight enough to secure them. Never carry them on the front seat! Never mind if you're husband will look like your personal driver just think about the safety of your kids.

When crossing the pedestrian lane. Always keep them on the safer side. If you're the vehicles are coming from the left place your kids on your right side and vice versa.

Never use motorcycle in ferrying your kids. Another common sight especially the fathers always ferry their kids in a motorcycle. We all know that motorcycles are very prone to accidents so never ferry your kids on this vehicle. If you don't have any alternative just make sure they wear helmets but I really discourage this.

These are just simple things parents should consider when riding vehicles. Just keep them safe and always think of them. If you have any more ideas on keeping your kids safe please do comment and reply on this post. It will help us all on keeping our kids safe. Good day and God bless!


"Missing the Sunday Worship"

We're not able to attend today's Sunday Worship. We woke up late today. So right we're here at home and just doing our chores.


Saturday, March 6

"Bloggers from San Mateo"

I want to know if there are bloggers here in the blogging networks who are from the Philippines and lives or have any relatives in San Mateo, Rizal. If you do and if you happen to read this blog please do reply and leave your blog site. I will be contacting you. Thanks and hope to know if there are any! Good day to everyone!


Thursday, March 4

"Count Your Blessings"

It's always a good thing to count your blessings. Listing them down is much better idea. By way of listing them down you'll get to know how God graciously provides all your needs. From simple things up to much greater value. Always remember to thank God for every poured blessings.

"Count your blessings... "


"A Prayer"

In everything that we do prayer is our sword. In all our trials prayer is our shield. In times of crisis and incidents it is our armor. Pray constantly and let it be our habit as we deal life in this world.


Wednesday, March 3

"Thought of the Day"

"Stop... quiet... listen... and reflect."

With our busy schedules we often neglect and never thought of stopping, keeping quiet for a while, listen, and reflect. Our lives are engulfed with busy way of present life. The trend of instant. Everything we do are always attached to instant things. Like instant foods, instant drinks, instant figure, and a lot of instant which even comes to instant baby.

The value of time and the treasuring of moments are taken for granted. We never picture the beauty around us because we're walking or riding too fast. We never hear the sweet voice of mother earth because we never listen. We often fail because we never reflect. Maybe it's about time to stop... keep quiet... listen... and reflect. So we can know what GOD is keeping for us.


Monday, March 1

"Kaye and Pehpots Contest Extended"

Due to insistent public demand! Kaye and Pehpots Contest is extended until March 18. Check out their site and see for yourself.


"Yesterday's Message"

It's been two Sundays that my wife hasn't been to church. That's because of work. She has work on Sundays which makes her skip church sometimes. And because of that I have to bear my son's hyperactivity and "kakulitan" but still it was fun having him like that. Though he was that hyperactive I still manage to divert his attention on some things and that was the time that I were able to listen to the message.

Yesterday was different because we got some new speaker. The message was delivered by one of the United Methodist Young Adult Fellowship it was short and simple. His explained the character of Moses. It's more of a revival or making changes no matter what. Like Moses he was in his 80s when he lead the Jews out of Egypt. For me this only shows that answering God's call requires no age limit. Whether be it a teen or a grampy old man once he calls us we should response willingly. Though many of us for sure will response hesitantly like Moses still God will provide everything that we need.

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