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Sunday, December 23

A Dad's Thought About The Shooting Incident

I know this post is a bit late already but I just want to exhale what I feel and thoughts about the recent incident that had happened in one of the schools abroad. Take note it's a school for the little ones, the young kids. Imagine the trauma and terror it had left to those kids who survive and also imagine the grief of those parents who lost their little ones.

For Dads like me, it is really heartbreaking hearing that the affected ones are the kids. They may not be my kids but I know what it feels when my son gets into an accident or if they got hurt, so I could imagine how worst the feeling is for those who just lost their little angels.

There were some questions that lingers in my head like why would a shooter go to a place where there are innocent kids, why would he shoot the kids, why does he has guns, where did he get that, what are the reasons why he did that crime, and how did the shooter get into the place, weren't there any security?  I'm pretty sure others will also have questions like these and perhaps even more. 

As I read reports from different news agencies even the investigators are having hard time knowing what was the motive of the shooting. One thing is for sure the shooter owns a gun in which according to some reports it was owned by his mother. According also to that town's law people 21 and above can own and carry guns but the shooter is just below 21 years old making the shooter own guns illegally.

Now they are trying to have more restrictions when it comes to owning guns.  I believe their government is making amendments with regards to their gun laws.  Some companies have even fortified the quality of their biometric safes just to keep in those guns in safe places. A place off from potential shooters.

Let's just pray that there will be no more shooting incidents like these.  Let's keep everyone safe specially the children.

I was able to watch a video instructing what to do in case you were caught in that situation.  I hope sharing this video can save lives.

source of this video is from Tomball Police Department

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