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Saturday, August 31

Daddy Day Care: SM Little Stars 2013 Grand Finals

Last week Daddy Yashiro's Daddy Day Care was attending an event with the kid. It's really sad to left the little one behind because of the weather and the venue is really far.  I'm sure our little one will get tired of the travel and besides he just got off from fever.  So, with me are my wife and my eldest son, Maki.  This event was the Grand Finals of the SM Little Stars 2013 which was held at SM Mall of Asia Center Stage.

The program was hosted by TV and movie celebrity Iza Calzado.  I think she got the love for the kids which shows in her giggling with the kids.  Who wouldn't be giggled with this kids as they are very adorable and lovely most especially when they are performing and answering questions.  

Friday, August 30

Friday Toys: Jollibee Kiddie Meal's Kiddie Arcade

Just in time for my Friday Toys, as this cute little toys from Jollibee makes it perfect for this segment.  As we all know this toys are bundled with the Jollibee Kiddie Meal and every toys brings more fun for the kids after their meals.

For this season, Jollibee brings three (3) sporty toys that kids can play and enjoy.  They can take home  this fun arcade games that features the all time favorite friends - Jollibee, Hetty, Twirlie, Yum and Popo.   Kids and kids-at-heart can collect this cool toys, the Jollibee and Friends Kiddie Arcade.  Here are the descriptions about this toys.  

Kids who likes to play basketball will have an exciting time playing with the DUNK N' SCORE.  It can be played with a friend and try to score points by pressing down to shoot the ball while the other one makes the game more challenging by tilting and turning the ring from left to right just like in the arcade.

Friday, August 23

SM Little Stars Grand Finals at SM MOA on August 25

Hi Moms and Dads!  Daddy Yashiro is here once again to give you details about the SM Little Stars.  I have posted before about their search in over 38 different SM malls and take note that's all over the Philippines.  You can check it out here SM Little Star and perhaps read it once again.  Just like I mentioned before on my previous post this is a kiddie talent competition that is awesome for not only for the kids but also for the parents.  This is one of those moments for parents to boast around their talented kids.  The competition is also a great performance platform for kids from 4-6 years old to showcase their talents and also to mingle with other kids from different regions.

Wednesday, August 7

Blessings I Got From An Online Contest

This post was long gone overdue!  I should have shared it a month ago but was overwhelmed with the anniversary contest and later on the hiatus stage which mainly eats up the core membrane of my thoughts.   So as promised to Ron and to the organizer of the online contest here it is.  Read more of how the blessing was conveyed to me.

Before I start with the story I would just like to glorify God for being there always!  He sure answer prayers in his own way which could not reach with our own intellects.  Everything is well laid down in His time and in His own way.  Thank you Lord for the blessings!

Monday, August 5

Monday Rush: Dormant Days Are Over

I think it's been more than two weeks now and I have been slacking in my online activities, specifically blogging.   All of the blogs that I have been maintaining went in hiatus for that span of time.  There are just things that makes me fall out of love in writing, mental block has indeed crept inside of my head and that's not all, laziness, circumstances and other matters comes with it that makes it very hard to cope up with.  There are plenty of reasons but it all boils down to one err to me.  

For now, I may have somehow make my self in focus and is now eager to do more of what I suppose to do and finish for quite some time already.  As what I have posted on my Facebook account "dormant days are over.... It's time to move on today and punch a whole to the future!"   Well, I posted that a week ago and I think my take in my situation is like a car running in diesel which takes time to heat up and move faster than it supposed to be but anyway I'll take that route since I'm going to punch a whole to our future... my family's future.
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