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Sunday, June 29

Solaire Soars The Sky With Air Asia

Solaire, soaring high up in the sky
     with the orange colored brand so bright.  
Offering a branding experience as you fly
     with one of the airbuses that is right.
Lifting away this July
     as it extend beyond its light,
A place to reach before the night
     to see the morning at your room on height.
Initially one and soon to multiply
     Mixing leisure and flight
Resort and casino is a sight 
     But with air travel more of a delight.
Experience the sun's light
     More brighter up in the sky. 

Friday, June 27

Friday Toys: Malay The Proboscis Monkey Toy

Hi there!  It's Friday and I'm eager to share today one of the toys that my kids recently have.  Though it's not that recent but the thing is that I haven't featured it here in Daddy Yashiro's Journal's Friday Toys.  So we're going to share it here.  This toy is something that will teach the kids of what they look like and of course if it is explained by the parents properly and clearly they will also learn their name and perhaps where they live plus their appetite.

Wednesday, June 25

Dads Back-To-School Advice: 10 Swish Ways To Make a Good Start in School

June is known for two events in life, one is Back-To-School and the other one is June Wedding Bells. Since my kids are still young so we will just stick to the Back-To-School for some time. They still got a long long way for that other event and besides I haven't given any much of advice to them yet. So, for a start and since the only schooler is the eldest here's my Dads Back-To-School Advice to them and perhaps others can learn from it, 10 Swish Ways To Make A Good Start In School.

Sunday, June 22

Here's The Winner of Kwento Ni Toto and Daddy Yashiro's Journal Boxfresh Shoes Giveaway

Tantatatan! And the winner of Kwento Ni Toto and Daddy Yashiro's Journal Boxfresh Shoes Giveaway is none other than.....

Maricel Cel Fajardo

It's late and we're sorry that this was posted late but like the saying is, "it's better late than never".   Though we didn't posted ASAP of who's the winner well we did get in touch with the winner ASAP and agreed for a meet up.  We contacte Maricel and met in one of the malls in Quezon City and as a proof of that meeting above is her picture together with the paper bag containing a pair Boxfresh Shoes that she just won.  I'm sure her husband is delighted to see that his wife got a present for him.  

Again congratulations to Maricel for winning the raffle and for those who did not, well wait for more giveaway.  We got plenty of planned giveaways just continue to read Kwento Ni Toto and Daddy Yashiro's Journal.  

Great day everyone!

Saturday, June 21

Daddy Yashiro's Father's Day Experience with Max's Gifts

For a Dad like me Father's Day is just one of the best days of the year and it's even more interesting when gifts started coming.  I'm no celebrity but being with people who recognizes Dads is great and I'm very much thankful to the Lord and to everyone. For this year my experience was different.  This is the first time that I received something from others. I received gifts from Max's. What's more different is that I'm not the one who spend for it, hahaha!

Friday, June 20

Daddy Yashiro Shares : A Chance to Win A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party for Your Child!

Mommies out there!  And Daddies too! Here's one solution that you might want to consider to make your child’s next birthday memorable!  Join Lactum 3+/6+ Birthday Blowout for a chance to win a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-themed birthday party for your kid!

Saturday, June 14

Daddy Day Care: Family and Sporting Fun at the First Nickelodeon Slime Cup

How was the Dad’s day with wife and kids at the first Nickelodeon Slime Cup event in the Philippines? Well, since Daddy Day Care is entirely a Dad’s day with kids, for a start it was really fun and I enjoyed having the kids with me during that day and I get to bond even more with them and wife as well but of course the kids are the ones who really enjoyed the day. It was tiring but the time being with them is priceless.

Daddy Day Care: Baby Blast 5 With The Kids

Like what happened last year, the event was really fun and the kids enjoyed the day.  Though this year Daddy Yashiro's Journal wasn't part of the online media partner of Baby Blast, still we are thankful that we were able to partake in this event.  Learned quite some more together with the kids.

This year, as Baby Blast goes on their 5th year of great activities for the kids and for the rest of the family, their commitment of shares information for the well being of the babies and kids is their main thrust.  As their themed for 2014 Go, Grow and Glow we just have learned that Mommies who are pregnant should really eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables as the juices are sipped and tasted by babies inside the womb.  So at this rate babies learned to taste the flavor of these fruits and vegetables.

Thursday, June 12

Daddy Yashiro Shares: Celebrate Father's Day in BGC with Avida

As the day for Dads are about to happen, here's one place that Daddy Yashiro shares to you, readers, on where to take your Dads, Fathers, and Tatay to celebrate Father's Day.  Enjoy the whole treat of fun and games with the family with Avida’s Come Alive in BGC!

Sunday, June 8

Spartan Kids Race 2014, Kids Getting Active and Fit

Okay Moms and Dads this is not about the Spartans war in the movie 300 but this is quite interesting as it is about a war on getting fit.  So Daddy Yashiro's Journal shares this event to all interested Moms, Dads, kids and individuals out there in the US who would like to know and experience what Spartan Race is all about.  Yes, this activities happens in the US and actually the Spartan Race is more for adults who's into great adventure and on to getting fit.  An event that requires more stamina, toughness, and endurance.  But we're not focusing much about the adult activities but more with the Spartan Kids Race.

Monday, June 2

Monday Rush: Flows of Ideas and Thoughts

Mondays for most of the working class is a bad day. This is the start of the week and start of another stressful days but for some this is the start of a brand new week with exciting things to do. This is the day where you’re supposed to be flowing with creative juices because your body just recently rejuvenated and relaxed from the fun weekend that you have or had.

Sunday, June 1

Daddy Day Care: McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop Grand Graduation

Remember that we featured here in Daddy Yashiro’s Journal the summer activity of McDonald’s which is the McDo Kiddie Crew Workshop where both of our kids experienced a day of what will happen in the workshop? Well, those who’ve participated in the workshop have finally finished the program. The kids who joined the McDo Kiddie Crew workshop numbered close to 50,000 and they all had a fun summer experience.

Like all classes that ends it always ends up with a bang and for the McDo Kiddie Crew Workshop thousands of kids together with their families from different parts of the Philippines celebrated the end of the workshop through a series of grand graduation. Yes, all the participants of the workshop experienced a grand graduation presented by none other than Ronald McDonald himself, the Chief Happiness Officer. The celebration took place in major key cities such as Pampanga, Bacolod, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao and lastly in Metro Manila.
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