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Monday, October 29

Monday Rush: Accident, Traffic, Late

A view of the accident from the bus.
Another moody Monday for me!  It's a late Monday!  It's really hard to get off to work when the kids are all awake.  Leaving them breaks my heart but I do hoped that they understand it that Daddy needs to go to work.

Sunday, October 28

Daddy Day Care: Macaroni and Spaghetti For Breakfast

Hay... Sunday!  It's one of those weekend days that I always longed after a week of work.   This is the day that I'll be having my weekend dose of TV cartoons and breakfast.  That was two decades ago perhaps!  Now it's quite different.  I'm a Dad now and weekends for me are supposed to be Daddy Day Care.  It's my turn to take care of the kids and have some fun with them though there are some times that I'm out.

Friday, October 26

Friday Toys: A Real Diecast Toys

Since it's holiday, Maki, my wife and I went to an event.  It was an event about colors and arts for the kids.  Basically, it should be my wife and my son only but since it's about arts my wife asks if I could come along as well.  She really admits that she's not good when it comes to arts.  The venue was inside the Museo Pangbata (Museum for Kids).  The hallway to the event area was filled with lots of toys and paintings.  The toys were not the typical toys that you'll see in the toy store but it's more of an old toys and some of them are really hard to find plus they are all antiques already.

Max's Junior Master Chef Theme Party Experience

Children's Party preparations are tedious, especially if you're the one who's making it and if you want it to be memorable for your little ones.   Of course we, parents, wanted most of the firsts of our kids to be remembered by them and we wanted it to be special.  We wanted to almost give everything to them but of course our time is limited and having all the preparations personalized makes it really hard and time consuming.   So, most of the time we end up in the mercy of the monotonous party theme packages of restaurants available near in our area, that's for convenience for sure.  Sometimes the quality of the program and presentations are being compromised and worst it ends up with a bad or negative memory for the kids and for the parents as well.

Tuesday, October 23

Dad and The Golf

I not sure if you have seen the picture of an invitation of one of the famous hotel in Manila during their Fathers' Day treat. The picture shows a Dad playing golf. If you have, then that's great because one of my thought for pondering today is about that, not the picture but the game itself, the golf.

I think if it wasn't for Tiger Woods golf wouldn't be as famous or commonly known as it is now. He made the hype with his endosements and other appearances through TV Commercials and through some TV programs as well.

Dads Do The Trabahustle Move

To all the Dads and GrandDads out there and of course to all the Moms who always take care of the Dads and the kids, here's some good information that could help reduce and lessen the risk of hypertension or High Blood Pressure.  I'm helping them out to spread the news!  Be aware!

Monday, October 22

Dads On Camping Memory

While I was cleaning the house I was able to find my old dome tent, which I acquired after college days. I tried to clean it again and set it once again. My son was delighted and anxious to play inside the tent. Suddenly Memories of my college days flash into my mind and I remember I don't have gears like this before. I was just borrowing one from my friends or sometimes I share with those who have big tents.

Sunday, October 21

Daddy Day Care: Kids and Hospital

Gelo's hand with dextrose.
My Sunday and Saturday this past week is really a Daddy Day Care I have been checking on the kids at night time because both of them got sick. My wife and I were like call centers on duty. Changing shift almost every two hours just to watch over the kids and make sure that they are well taken care of. Unfortunately Gelo's fever had been on and off for the past three days. His pediatrician advised us that if there's still fever have his blood check, so we did. My wife and my mother-in-law went to the hospital to have it checked and when the result were out and was read by his pediatrician, my wife were advised to have Gelo be confined to the hospital for close monitoring because his platelet count is dropping.

Best Way To Teach

Did you know that most of the things that we learn are through visual.   Yes, the sense of sight is the number one teacher among the five senses.  We acquire learning through our eye sight.  Kids learn more through the help of bright colors that are being in the toys and visual aids in schools.  Helping them remember because of the color, images and figures.

As a parent, helping our kids learn things are really hard because there are things that are hard to explain through words and most of them needs pictures or visual aids in order for them to remember that and of course convince them also.

Friday, October 19

Friday Toys: Booklets

Hi, this is Daddy Yashiro's Friday Toys again.  Remember last time that I presented what I got for my eldest son Maki?  Well you can check it out here Friday Toys: Candy Fan.  He did like it and so the little one.  Now the problem would be both of them wanted the fan though I brought some also for the little one which is the booklets.

So, here it is below and take note it is not just one but six of them.  Six little booklets with stories that kids will sure like reading or being read to them.

Wednesday, October 17

Daddy On Mobile Band Wagon

Hah!  Remember my post about Daddy Yashiro going mobile?  Well, it was indeed a convenience being able to write what you wanted to write immediately and being able to post it online instantly but that mobile thing has something of quite a little problem.  Not a big one but its the thing that will sustain the mobility, that's the problem.  Sustaining mobility requires of course resources and Daddy Yashiro's resources is still quite unstable.  So my mobility progress will be on the need basis only.  I don't have to be online all the time.

Monday, October 15

Monday Rush: In The Comfort Room

Monday again!  It was my routine to wake up early and prepare for work but this Monday was unusual err something like that.  It was dawn and woke up early than my scheduled alarm.   I was awoken by the growling sound of my stomach.  I thought I was dreaming but I was quite sure that I'm not.   The first I did was jump off from the bed and went straight into the comfort room.   Not sure if the food the night before made my stomach lose its bowel movement.

Sunday, October 14

Daddy Day Care: The Alley Pose

It's Saturday once again and one of our family's expected day of the week. It is rest time for us if we don't have anything to do and if we don't have any events to attend to. It is the day that we just try to lay around, play around, gigle and most of all have fun. Yes we did have fun and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Friday, October 12

Friday Toys: Candy Fan

Just the other day I was able to visit the duty free shops.  I know it's just quite near in our work station but going there seems a hustle, especially if you don't have any means of transportation.  It's really hard to get to the location of the duty free shops inside Clark Special Economic Zone.  There are no 24/7 and  round the route jeepney in the area.  I think most of the jeepney only goes only during peak time or shifting time of the employees.  So you really need to have your own transportation if you're going to shop on these duty free shops or you can still shop but bear the span of time that you'll be wasting just waiting for the jeepney to arrive.  Anyway, still there are some few duty free shops that offer good buys.

Monday, October 8

Monday Rush: Planning

Another first day of the week and it's one of those days that always gives me a rush in my nerves. A tingling and yet irritating gusto or feeling that you wanted to be there instantly, especially if the jeepney is travelling like Pong Pagong, slow.

Sunday, October 7

Friday Toys: Holloween Toys

Few more weeks from now kids who have been used to celebrating costume parties will roam different malls and events. These kids will for sure ask their moms and dads to buy them halloween costumes for the upcoming Halloween Celebration. Others kids like something simple but others like to impress and scare younger kids or the girls. Some go beyond from impressive to gory which make it unlikable at all. Its dark and scary.

Friday, October 5

Children's Fair at Puno UMC

Last week, the kids enjoyed their day at the Children's Fair held at Don Antonio's Plaza covered court. Of course that's courtesy of the Puno United Methodist Church.

Thursday, October 4

Daddy Yashiro Going Mobile

Hi readers this is Daddy Yashiro getting into the bandwagon of going mobile. When I say mobile ir means totally out of the keyboard of a desktop computer or laptop. So, right now I' m using my android phone to do blogging. I'm testing this application if it is worth it for a Dad like who's always out of the house.

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