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Thursday, May 31

Kids' Happy Meter

How well versed are you with your kids' feelings?   For me, As a Dad who's time is roughly not enough to be with the kids because of work, made me think if I really know my kids especially when they are happy.  I know there are no instruments to measure the gauge of happiness of a child but I'm pretty much sure that there are indications that we, parents, can see and feel whenever our kids are happy.

Based on my experience and whenever I'm around with my kids, I somewhat noticed this few things from them.  I think these are good indications that they are happy.

  • Their eyes are glowing.
  • They are energized.
  • They are smiling a lot.
So, does your kids have this signs?  If they do that's a great indication that they are happy and make sure to always make them happy because it helps them a lot with their develop.  I'm no expert about kids but hey I'm a Dad I should know that and I might as well share it to others.

Enjoy the bonding and keep on smiling!

Tuesday, May 29

Daddy Yashiro's Journal's 4th Blogoversary

Wait a minute!  I nearly forgot, yesterday was this blog's anniversary!  Bad, just because that I'm not running any contest for this year it doesn't mean that I'll forget about its blogoversary.   Anyway it's better late than never, so, for the benefit of those who reads this blog, yup Daddy Yashiro's Journal is on its 4th Blogoversary.   Imagine that, this blog has been posting my experiences, ideas and thoughts for this past four years already.  Hmm.... just wondering how many have already read and learn from it... if there's any.

First of all I would like to thank God directing me to this endeavor and because of that this blog was created which somehow made it to survived the past four years.  Thank God also that this blog has helped me a lot not only in expressing my feelings and thoughts but also in terms of finances.  There are times that we are obviously drowning with our problems but because of the opportunities present through blogging most of those tormenting financial problems are augmented.  God is really great and God is good.  His blessings do come in different ways and this is one of them.  As this blog strives for another year I and my family are praying that everyone that will have a chance to pass by and perhaps read the post here can have an insight about life and how God can make their life change.

This blog wouldn't be alive at all if not because of my family, my wife and my two kids.  They are the soul of this blog.  They have made my story within it.   This is my lesson plan in fatherhood, though there are no courses or manuals created for being a great Dad or parents, the experiences and learning that I have gained  gives me the knowledge of how to live life.  

So sharing this experiences with other Dads and parents is just something to share and hopefully for their guide as they start their journey being a dad.   Well, hop in and join me as we travel the world of fatherhood.

Hmmm... what do you think, should I have a contest?  A comment will help me determine, so fire away a comment and let me know.

Monday, May 28

Monday Rush: 1st Day After The Weekend

It's Monday!   What just happened today?  Well, my day wasn't that memorable except from some few things that I forgot to bring with me because I was in a hurry not to miss the shuttle service.  That something is actually what is needed in order for me to survive this whole week.   Hmmm.... I just don't know if I will last the whole week here at my work place.  I know God is gracious, so I'm sure He'll be bringing light and abundance as I work my way for the whole week day.

Anyway aside from morning rush, this Pinoy Daddy Blogger is in desire to finish all tasks in order to get into my next project.  I really want to make that project come true.  I was out for quite some time so I really need to cope up with the lost time and finish those things ASAP.

So pray for me for this whole week!

Saturday, May 26

Daddy Day Care: Before iBlog 8

My supposedly Daddy Day Care with the kids turns out to be Lola's day care.  Praise God to my very understandable in-laws.   My wife and I were able to attend this annual event, the iBlog: The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit.   Sorry kids for staying the whole day at your Lola Lolit's house!  

Of course before we brought the kids to their grandparents we took care of them first.  Guess what time we woke up?  It's 5:30 (I think, clocks in the house are busted) in the morning and thanks to our very lovable baby, Gelo that we were able to get up that early.  Since, Daddy Day Care is very limited and time constraint, I  carried Gelo out of the bed and strolled him a little bit outside of the house.  He loves to have a walk in the morning.  My wife managed to prepare breakfast and readied all the things that they need during their stay at their grandma's house.  Maki get up as well and joined us in the preparation.

When everything is prepared we took turns in taking a bath and taking care of Gelo.  Then afterwards we went off to my in-laws house and delivered the kids.  It's very nice that the kid did cooperate this time and no tantrums.  Though we wanted to stay, still we wanted to learn more and this event is a great venue to know more.  Another thing is that this event happens only once a year.

Friday, May 25

Friday Toys: Dolphin Plush Toy

The Pinoy Daddy Blogger with a Japanese nick name is back with its Friday Toys and I really missed posting my insights and views about new toys that we got and of course toys that we haven't had yet but I find great for my kids and your kids as well.  

Remember my earlier post about my family's experience and picture taking at the SM North EDSA Skygarden with their Sea Explorer's World?  Well prior to that, I received an invitation regarding that launched.  Unfortunately, I wasn't available to cover that event but was lucky enough to have an in-law who's most willingly to cover it for me.  By the way that in-law was my wife's younger brother which she personally commissioned to be our correspondent whenever we're not available.  Anyway so much with that.
The cute little Dolphin Plush Toy courtesy of SM City North EDSA
So what I'm about to showcase here today is the Plush toy that we got from that event which I find it handy enough for our little baby Gelo to have whenever we're going out as a family or even when we're at home.  First, as we all know babies do get cranky sometime so a little something for them to play around with is a big help for us parents and this little Dolphin Plush Toy can play that part.  Second, this Plush toy is a good introduction for the babies to learn what does a dolphin looks like.  Small, easy to grab by the babies, soft and cuddly.

Wednesday, May 23

Sharing This $500 Cash Giveaway From Contest Chest

It's been a while since I joined online contests and I think I have plenty of winnings last year which somehow augmented some of our expenses. So, starting today I'll be sharing all the online contests that I'll be joining. So to give others a chance to win prizes as well.

I do hope that you'll join on all the contests that I'll be posting and since for this year I'm not yet sure if I'm going to hold an Anniversary contest for this blog. If I do get some sponsors perhaps but for now please do join here. Thanks. To start here's a $500 Cash Giveaway from Below is a rafflecopter widget so please do wait till it uploads then read the details on how to join.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 22

Lights in the Baby's Room

image from

When I was still a bachelor, sleeping in my room is really great because I can stay to bed till sunrise. Lights are off and I can surely sleep more than eight hours. That's my life before.

Now that I'm a father slacking on bed is not good. I can really now understand that parents sure does make a big sacrifice, especially with their time of sleeps. We, parents, should always monitor our babies and having a deep sleep is something that we don't achieve much. We don't want something to happen to our kids when we are sleeping.

With that most parents always leave the lights on or makes a small lamp shade for them to monitor and look at their babies. Like us and since we sleep together with our kids we doesn't turn off the light in our room, so that we can easily see if anything is wrong with our kids. It helps a lot, mostly during days that they are not feeling well.

For some, who does have enough budget, they can make their rooms looks elegant and functional at the same time. That's as simple as that. They can really choose a good modern designer lighting to match up the theme of their houses and of course each rooms perhaps. For those who are not gifted enough to purchase that kind of items there are stll some that can be functional and with in the reach of their budget. Parents do really need to invest on this one to address any possible issue to come.

Lights in the house can really make a big difference. Of course we do also need to make it as earth-friendly as possible to at least reduce any carbon emmission that we release.

Out On Sea Explorers World

It's rare that my sons see something different and I think they have enjoyed our stroll at the mall.

My family went to the mall days before Gelo's baptism and birthday.  We went there to shop some clothes for Gelo for his big day.  Aside from shopping we also did visit the exhibit of different sea creatures along the catwalk of the Skygarden.   They call it the Sea Explorers World.  That's their theme for this summer duration.  I remember last year they a Safari thing.

Animal figures are only replica of the creatures which is made the same material used for plush toys.

My kids really love looking at them and of course posing for their shot with those creatures at the background.

Unfortunately, the SM personnel were rearranging some of the exhibits that's why my kids got only few pics with the animals.

I think their exhibit will run until the end of May 2012, so kids can still have some time to have a look at them and learn facts about the sea creatures.

Monday, May 21

Family Bonding Moment at Quezon City Circle

After Gelo was born there are things that we have not done as a whole family and that's because of his condition.  We couldn't just bring him to a place that we don't know his too sensitive. 

Pre-term babies are really sensitive and are delicate.  Family outings and travel should always be thought thoroughly.  Parents should have enough preparation to avoid any possible negative things to happen. 

So for the first time we brought Gelo to Quezon City Circle for play and bonding moment.  When Maki was still a toddler we often visit this place.  Maki learns to walk here. 

Maki and Gelo did enjoy it.  My parents, in-laws and my sister's family were also there to enjoy the small fun at the park. 

There were lots of things change in Quezon City Circle and most of them I personally don't like.  Though they did have lots of new activity areas to enjoy with, still, I'd rather like the old look of the park with lots of green grass to run around.  They have turned some grass areas into concrete and put some fake grasses.  Yes they have created beauty but they've forgot the essence of a park, the grass and the trees.

Anyway, enough with the sentiments. 

Gladly, we're all happy because we were able to have that little family bonding moment.    We do pray to have more of bonding time.

Friday, May 11

Gelo's Birthday

I have been away from this blog for quite sometime.  Well, first is because of some health reason and some sideline reason as well.  It was really frustrating not to post any parenting tips or some events that our family have done this few weeks.  Though we have lots of fun and exciting events, still I wasn't able to find time to concentrate and have a more intimate story here on this blog.

I'm sure for those who are reading and expecting some ideas or things to do together with their family you are anxious to read some so for this day I'll be posting one of our moments to remember.  Though we're not that financially equipped well we just find ways on how to celebrate it lesser than the usual.

Marco Polo Demo, Gelo Malikha Demo, May 11, 2012, turning 1 year old, 09204894073

Yes, today is Gelo's Birthday.  The second angel in the house.  As I have mentioned resources might have been not that accessible to us so we decided to celebrate two events in one, Christening and Birthday Celebration.

For some they may find it, still big but if you have just seen the preparations some of the things used were recycled.  Two reasons, one is to at least help in cleaning the environment and two is to lessen the expenses.

So, in just a few hours we will celebrate it and for those whom we have not invited or may not included, our apologies.  For it is just a small celebration.  Pray for us and for continued blessings in health, wealth and spiritually. 
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