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Monday, October 28

Monday Rush: Barangay Election

It's Monday Rush and today is the Barangay Election.  A holiday exclusively set just to exercise the right to vote and I just did that today!  Yup, my finger was inked to signify that I have voted and was indirectly given the right to question any illegal and wrong doings of the elected official.  As what PNOY would always say "kayo ang boss ko!" (you are my boss).  Hopefully and prayerfully all government officials should be in gratitude of the people who chose them not the other way around.

Saturday, October 26

Daddy Day Care: United Nation's Day Parade

Not really sure if I was just been cornered by my wife to accompany our son Maki on the United Nation's Day Parade but anyway it's my time to come along with the school's parade activity.  So today this is Daddy Yashiro's Daddy Day Care activity the United Nation's Day Parade.

Well coming along with Maki on their United Nation's Day Parade wasn't a hassle at all because Maki wasn't one of the ambassadors.  There's no effort of providing costume, vehicle during the parade, and of course this one involves money as well.  So I was thankful and a bit disappointed, thankful that we don't have to shell out much finances as we really need it and a bit disappointed because we weren't  able to train Maki to join events like this.  This is good for him as well.  Boosting his self-confidence and self-esteem.

Friday, October 25

Friday Toys: The Bling Bling Old School

Okay Dads and Moms, today is TGIF  which means THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!  Here at Daddy Yashiro's Journal Friday means Friday Toys in which I'm sure you're waiting for what toys we're going to feature for today err tonight.

Today we're going to feature some of the old school toys that I've played when I was still young.  This is something that we, parents, should impart to our kids.  This is one way that brought our imaginations and creativity come to life with just playing the basic toys that we had before.   This is not a throwback Thursday meme but it is somewhat a Friday Flashback meme.  Hahaha!

What Dads or Moms Can Do When Sons are Bullied

It seems that bullying will always be present anywhere, especially at school.  Though there are bills and laws being passed or had been passed to counter bullying there are still individuals that seems to have hold of themselves as the bull and considered it as one of their nature or perhaps it is their way of covering up for something that is happening behind that bull personality.  There's always a meaning in every action and there's always a reason why for that intention.

Monday, October 21

Monday Rush: Travel To and From

Monday again and it is our usual rush day, the Monday Rush.  My Mondays was supposed to be traveling to the north to our office but for this Monday I traveled down to the south just to get the documents from the main office and to have the unsigned documents be signed.  Take note it was a travel without the company vehicle.  Hay....

Anyway I like solitary travels and it's kind of exciting traveling alone.  The only problem with it is that you get to talk to yourself whenever you see something worth talking about.  Hahaha!

Sunday, October 20

Daddy Day Care: Hospital Again

After a week that we have brought our youngest son to the hospital and which he was diagnosed with tonsillitis and a possibility of urinary track infection we were hoping that all is well already.  Thanks to God that it was not dengue.  But of course our youngest son's whole week was more of medicines and less of sweets and other foods.  So he was deprived of the good things just to make him well.

Today, since our youngest was almost confined only inside the house we decided to go to the mall and buy clothes for my wifey and also some for me and treat the kids as well.  We had our lunch at Yoshinoya and later on the kids accompanied their mom in choosing what's the right dress for her.  Though the kids didn't help much still we were able to get one for my wife.  Afterwards was my time to get me a new neck tie.  Take note this is the second time that I bought a neck tie after graduating from college.  To sum it up, we had my wife's clothes, my neck tie and had lunch.

Friday, October 18

Friday Toys: Sponge Bob Write & Play Toys

Okay I admit I'm not really a fan of Sponge Bob and I don't like the animated TV Show but I somehow like the look of the character.  Crazy isn't it?  And it's a bit ironic right too, right?  Liking something that you're not a fan of, well lets just say that I got some issues with how the story in the TV Show is presented but I'm not going to discuss it full here since this is our toy segment of Daddy Yashiro's Journal.   Okay.

In as much as I wanted to influence my kids not to watch the animated TV show, well the character is already an icon and one of the well love character by the kids and the not-so-kids-no-more.   So in short they do get to see and watch it sometimes.   And what's more ironic is that we do get some items and toys with Sponge Bob design.  Hay....

Thursday, October 17

Schools Got Slimed With Nick Takes Over Your School, NTOYS

Moms and Dads are your kids expecting for Nick's slime to invade their schools?  Or has Nick invaded their schools already?  For those who hasn't been slimed, well don't worry because they'll be having their second leg and for those who got slimed already check out some of the info and pics here to see if you were there.

As Nickelodeon’s signature slime showed no signs of slowing down as it swept through ten schools all over Metro Manila in the first leg of this year’s installment of Nick Takes Over Your School (NTOYS).  An annual movement to get kids’ minds and bodies to work, NTOYS brought out values like team spirit and sportsmanship in the three-hour program filled with Nickelodeon-themed games and activities. Games and treats surrounded the kids as they jumped from one activity booth to the next. Their competitive spirit was also hard at work with games like Robot and Monster: Build-A-Gadget that tested their puzzle-solving skills and SpongeBob SquarePants Fill ‘Er Up that pushed their agility and precision to the limit.

Will You Bet On Your Baby?

Dads and Moms, if you're babies are in a competition will you bet on them?  Well, for hands-on Moms and Dads I'm sure you definitely know your kids and are willing to place your bet... all in!  This coming October 19, 2013, here in the Philippines of course, ABS CBN will be airing its very first episode of Bet On Your Baby.  The newest game show on television for moms, dads, and babies.

Monday, October 14

Monday Rush: Typhoon's Aftermath

Last Friday was the start of typhoon Santi's land fall.  Then Saturday, the typhoon pummeled the provinces in Northern Luzon.  I don't have the idea of how vast the damage that the typhoon had made not until today, while travelling to work.... a scene of century-aged trees were lying on the ground uprooted.  Some structures were damaged because of that and some were totally knocked down.

Friday, October 11

Friday Toys: Tom and Jerry School Surprises

It's Friday once again and there's something cool for the kids to have from Jollibee and also something cool to feature on our Friday Toys but for now this is just a teaser of what we'll be featuring very soon.  I still got plenty of toys to feature so Dads and Moms stay tuned and continue reading.   For now, we will just be sharing what our friends from Jollibee has to say with their newest toy collections that comes with Jollibee Kiddie Meal.

This month of October Jollibee adds more fun to kids schoolwork as Tom and Jerry surprise them with the collectible toys of School Surprises for every purchase of Jollibee Kiddie Meal.

Monday, October 7

PLDT and Me Gadget Giveaway Promo

PLDT & ME Giveaway Promo and 85 Years Of Changing Lives, #PLDT85, 85th Anniversary Celebration, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, We're changing lives, Telecommunication, Gadget Promo, Raffle, PLDT and Me

PLDT or Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company celebrates it's 85th Anniversary, an eight and a half decade of changing lives of the Filipino people.   After their successful Then and Now promo, which have gained 20,000 entries, they are continuing the celebration by giving away more gadgets to their Facebook followers with their new promo the PLDT & ME.

PLDT & ME Giveaway Promo and 85 Years Of Changing Lives, #PLDT85, 85th Anniversary Celebration, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, We're changing lives, Telecommunication, Gadget Promo, Raffle, PLDT and Me

PLDT & Me encourages everyone to upload a photo of themselves, their relatives, or their friends using a PLDT telephone unit. The photo can be from as long ago as 1928, the year PLDT was founded, all the way up to present day.  The promo runs from September 30 to October 25.  

Saturday, October 5

Daddy Day Care: Jollibee's Birthday Bash

My sons are very fond of Jollibee, they like him very much that they always tell his name.  My youngest son would always say "Bee" whenever he sees his picture while my eldest would always tell and point us the location whenever he sees a store.  Aside from that they always watch the Jollitown TV Series.  I think if we could only have a complete set of the seasons of Jollitown TV Series I'm sure they will definitely watch them all. 
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