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Thursday, December 27

Dads and Moms, How's Your Christmas?

Designs on one of paper of Max's Restaurant on their tables,
this means Merry Christmas!
Holiday has indeed landed on Dads and Moms houses, tables are filled with delicious goodies and different tasty foods, and the kitchen has indeed been very busy plus dirty. Hey, that’s Christmas and for most of the people who celebrate this season, food is one of the best way to keep the whole family in one table and since Christmas is about sharing and giving that’s one of the reason why Moms and Dads let their hands busy, preparing food during Christmas Eve for the whole family.

Tuesday, December 25

Christmas Greetings from Daddy Yashiro's Journal

Before this Christmas Day the artistic in me came through and inspired me to create a Merry Christmas greeting for all the companies, brands, and PR agencies whom we have worked with directly or indirectly.  These companies have indeed made our year very fruitful and blessed.  With their products and brands they have made us a blog to look at.  Something that the online readers would always want to check out if there are something new and what's in for the season.

Sunday, December 23

A Dad's Thought About The Shooting Incident

I know this post is a bit late already but I just want to exhale what I feel and thoughts about the recent incident that had happened in one of the schools abroad. Take note it's a school for the little ones, the young kids. Imagine the trauma and terror it had left to those kids who survive and also imagine the grief of those parents who lost their little ones.

For Dads like me, it is really heartbreaking hearing that the affected ones are the kids. They may not be my kids but I know what it feels when my son gets into an accident or if they got hurt, so I could imagine how worst the feeling is for those who just lost their little angels.

A Day With Nickelodeon's SHARElebration

During my younger days, cartoons from Nickelodeon are some of those TV series that I always watch.  Colorful, for kids and animated that's what I like about the cartoons during my time.  Cartoons are what we call those animated TV series.   Being in that event made me think of those days, my younger days and not deprived of toys. 

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts For My Kids

It is indeed Christmas for the kids because for Maki and Gelo it's already raining gifts for them.  Since the start of this week they have been receiving gifts from their Ninong and Ninang (Godparents).  Well as what they would say Christmas is for the kids and they are really happy when they received their gifts and because having good and advance technology it is now much easier to take a photo of the kids together with the gifts and it is also much easier now to share it online and let the Ninong and Ninang (Godparents) knows how much their Inaanak (Godchildren) appreciate their gifts very much.

Our first plan was to place those wrapped gifts under our small Christmas Tree that we have, unfortunately the kids are very eager to see what's inside the gifts so having it under the Christmas isn't possible anymore. They've already unwrapped it and played with it.  I was thinking of having them pictured together with our small Christmas Tree but I think it won't happen now.  It's really hard to explain the feeling watching your kids unwrapped the gifts and see their eyes glow when they see what their gifts are.

We are still looking forward for more gifts to come and for Filipinos, Christmas extends until Three Kings.  So  it's still a long season, perhaps more to come and more gifts to unwrap.

How about you?  How was you're kids have they received their first gifts already?

Tuesday, December 18

Dad's Tools For Child Proofing

This past weekend I was supposed to do some fixing in the house, unfortunately err it’s better to say fortunate because there are some opportunities that came to my schedule. A Dad got to do what he got to do and the opportunity is good indeed, so I postponed the fixing and grab the opportunity plus it was our anniversary so wife and I should have a night out as well. Having so much things to work on to I think wife and I needs some good relaxing even for a while.

So, after the night out and some good opportunity I was back in the house, planning what should I do with the appliances in the house. The kids are playing with the DVD player and the TV so I really need to think whether to place these appliances above where the kids won’t reach it or perhaps just the DVD player. It’s hard trying to make the house child-proof, even harder without some tools to use to fix the stand and bases for the appliances. I only got some few tools in the house that is capable of addressing the problem. Since it’s holiday season and there are lots of sale in different store, I tried to look if there tools that are for sale so that I could buy one that is needed. I think one of the tools I’ll need is a drill. Well unfortunately I didn’t find any good sale and most of the prices are beyond my budget. Better look for more.

Sunday, December 16

An iPad Giveaway This Holiday


Daddy Yashiro has always been trying hard to win an iPad and I have been joining differnt contests lately just to get a hold of that. So for this year I'll definitely going to cross my fingers and pray even harder to let me win one.

So, at stake on this contest giveaway is a 16 GB 4th Generation iPad! They'll be using a simple Rafflecopter to get entries for this giveaway just follow what are required to do. This giveaway will run from December 2 until Sunday, December 30, 2012. Basically we'll all have some more days to the requirements and entries plus earn points with daily entries too. It’s open to everyone - worldwide - one winner will receive an iPad with retina display, or the cash equivalent of $499 via Paypal whichever is preferred! To join click here.

Friday, December 14

Nickelodeon's SHARElebration

Okay people I know this is a little bit late but I just want to share it to you, my readers.   If you've notice Daddy Yashiro has been attending events lately but take note that it is about kids stuff and family events.  You'll be reading my stories and experiences about it here.  I'll be sharing my learnings and some tips as well when going to an event with the kids.  But of course I need to get invited first.  Hahaha!  Also, I'll share some promos and savings that we, parents, need to squeeze in that tight budget that we have.

So an initial post here's what it is all about.

There’s no better time than the holiday season to share one’s blessings. This year, Nickelodeon fans will have another Christmas to remember as their favorite channel brings back SHARElebration, Nickelodeon’s most heartwarming holiday event. To be held on December 16 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall starting at 3 PM, SHARElebration invites Nickelodeon fans to spread the Christmas cheer by giving gifts of new or old toys to the kids of Gawad Kalinga.

Nickelodeon fans can look forward to a day filled with fun, prizes and surprises with SHARElebration’s line-up of exciting activities from stage games, performances, and game booths. Everyone’s favorite Nickelodeon characters will also take part in the festivities to pump up the yuletide mood. Taking part in this eventand securing a spot on Santa’s nice listis easy. Interested fans just have to bring at least one toy, new or old, big or small, that they want to donate.

Through SHARElebration, children will be treated to a Christmas experience that’s more than just a season of merrymaking and gift-giving, but a celebration of kindness and love. SHARElebration also gives them an opportunity to learn the values of sharing and encourages them to be good examples that other kids can follow. Any little help counts this Christmas, so show your support, bring a toy and spread the joy at Nickelodeon’s SHARElebration!

Nickelodeon’s SHARElebration is being presented by Alaska Choco and co-sponsored by Goldilocks Bakeshop, Hasbro, Krim Stix, Selecta Ice Cream, Sunkist, and Superstix. Official venue by SM Mall of Asia. For more information, log on to or

Friday Toys: 7th Christmas Toy Fair

Just in time before the holiday!  There will be a Christmas Toy Fair that will happen on December 14 to 16, 2012 at the Megatrade Hall 1, 5/F Building B, SM Megamall.  It's not an ordinary Christmas bazaar but I think the most unique her is that this bazaar caters only to toys, comics, anime, video games and any kinds of collectibles.  Plus it is also a charity event and the organizer's beneficiary is the Philippine Toy Museum.

Wednesday, December 12

How Do I Tell If There Is Asbestos In My Home?

Your home could potentially be hiding a killer – one that doesn't discriminate when it comes to age or gender.  Asbestos was a commonly used building material from the 1940’s to the late 1980’s, due to its incredible properties of being strong, flexible, insulating and chemically inert. However discoveries were made which quickly led to a nation-wide ban of asbestos, though in many cases, the damage had already been done. Luckily, homes built after 2003 are free of this dangerous material.

Asbestos fibres can be 50 to 200 times finer than a human hair, and have the ability to remain suspended in the air for an extended period of time. This coupled with the fact that the individual fibres are invisible to the naked eye mean that it is very easy for the fibres to be inhaled into the lungs. The fibres pierce the delicate tissue, and will remain lodged here for life. 

This can cause numerous defects and diseases, such as lung cancer, pleural plaques, asbestosis, cancer of the intestinal tract and mesothelioma. While many people develop health problems after prolonged exposure to asbestos, even a single encounter can be enough to trigger the growth of abnormal or cancerous cells in some individuals.

Many houses built before the late 1980’s contain asbestos in some of the building materials, including roof shingles, old floor tiles, insulation, pipe cement, paints, ceiling tiles, and joint compound used to deal seams between sheet-rock. Nowadays, products such as plastic coated galvanised steel are a safe and modern alternative to old materials containing asbestos.

The greatest risk of asbestos exposure occurs when you are planning to renovate or remodel your home. Unfortunately, it can be almost impossible to detect unless the materials are labelled, so always treat unknown building materials with the utmost caution. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional who is trained and accredited in asbestos detection and removal before you consider undertaking any major structural work to your home. This is also recommended for families who simply want the peace of mind of knowing that their home is truly safe.
You can also send samples of any suspicious materials to a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory, though this is not recommended unless you are wearing appropriate protective equipment while handling the potentially harmful product.

The bottom line is that asbestos is almost impossible to identify, and could be located anywhere throughout your home. The only way to be sure that your home is safe is to either send suspicious samples to a NATA laboratory, or to book a professional to inspect the premises. 

The best way to ensure that you and your family are safe from asbestos is to be well-informed and vigilant, particularly if you are planning any extension or remodelling of your home. Don’t take any chances with this potentially deadly material. Always think twice, and seek professional advice when dealing with anything that could contain asbestos.

Matthew Woodridge is a qualified tradesmen operating in Brisbane, Australia. His expertise and professional service has delivered him great success since he established his company many years ago. Matthew sources resources from numerous organisations and has maintained a strong relationship with Metro Steel since establishment.

Snoopy Shirts For the Kids

Remember the Snoopy Street Party that I have posted here well my wife and I did get something new this Christmas for the kids, Snoopy shirts.  One for Maki and one for Gelo, my wife and I wanted them to look good and in uniform unfortunately both there size and designs were different.   So what we just did is that we tried to look for the same color even though the designs are somewhat different.

Monday, December 10

Monday Rush: Calm Monday

It's Monday once again but for today it's quite different.  Though it's Monday it's not the usual day that I get to experience being totally on the rush.  I started my day with an early morning alarm from my cellphone, a cock-a-doodle-doo sound that will sure make you get up once you hear it.  It was past 5 when I get off the bed, prepared my things, took a bath, and leave the house.  Thank God for a great morning.

Rode a jeep from my place to the pick up station of our service.  The jeepney runs smoothly as it is no heavy traffic except for some portions that caused a little bit of traffic due to stop overs.  Well I don't blame the driver because they need to pick passengers, that's their job but I was thankful that it wasn't that long.  I arrived at the meeting place 5 minutes before the scheduled time.  They were there already.

Friday, December 7

Lechon For Christmas

Craving for Cebu Lechon this Christmas?  Well, worry no more because Cebuboy Lechon will be having their delivery to Manila straight from Cebu.  Just right in time for this coming holiday.  Dads will for sure be at ease in looking for good lechon.

What I like about the Cebuboy Lechon is that the fat is thinner and of course with less consumption of fats.  Of course we should have it moderately and we shouldn't forget to take our medicines just in case that we'll be having too much parties this coming holiday.

Friday Toys: Lego Ferrari

At last, I finally got a hold one of the Shell Lego Ferrari Series.  It's my initiative of having at least one car, if the whole set, of every Shell Ferrari model car series.  I've been collecting Ferrari cars since I got a whole set on 2007 and that was the first time I had a Ferrari Model cars from Shell.  So since then I started collecting their model cars.  It's really great seeing cars on display.  It was like an achievement and a story to share with others who loves to collect cars.

Thursday, December 6

Garfield's Groovy Holiday Party

Moms and Dads this is good news for you and your kids!  Garfield, our lovable and huggable orange  furry cat will be having a groovy holiday party this coming Sunday, December 9, 2012 from 1PM to 5PM at the Mall of Asia Arena.  Kids will for sure enjoy this holiday treat from Garfield.

A brief history about Garfield.  This orange, fuzzy, tabby cynical cat was born on June 19, 1978 in an Italian restaurant. Obsessed with the taste of lasagna, coffee, and his remote control, perhaps that's why he's that big. Anyway, he loves his nerdy owner who's named Jon Arbuckle with his lovable dog Odie, and his girlfriend Arlene. At the start this humurous comic strip was created by Jim Davis and was published only in just 41 newspapers but due to its hilarious stories it became a worldwide sensation turning into the most widely syndicated comics ever. As of recent, it appears in over 2750 newspapers and is read by 263,000,000 people all across the globe. Not long after, an animated TV Show entitled “Garfield & Friends” aired on CBS-TV from 1988 to 1995. Then followed the feature films Garfield: The Movie and Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties Because of its undying success and marketability, it is only natural that Garfield has sellable merchandise. Over the years, it has sustained it’s own clothing line while at the same has done collaborations with major retail companies such as The Hundreds, a 2-part lifestyle project that houses both a clothing line and an online-magazine as well as Terranova, an Italian fast fashion brand.

Wednesday, December 5

How My Mom Makes Christmas Special, My Entry

First week of December and people are starting to plan for their holiday getaways, listing their things to buy and of course shopping for new clothes for the family.  For us, well, we don't have the luxury of having a holiday getaway or new items to buy but we are blessed because there are blessings that comes our way and I'm sure God has made something good for us this coming Christmas.

Monday, December 3

Christmas Pray (Wish) List

Since it's already in the first week of December and the cool breeze wind is starting to sweep all over the metro I might as well share what I have been longing to have this Christmas.   Of course this is a Christmas Pray (Wish) List and the materialization of this will still depends on the generosity of the people who would be able to read this and of course God's blessings.  If you're asking what about my Christmas bonus and other bonuses, well it did serve its purpose already and if there are still coming it will also be used on a very good purposes.  So, having this Christmas Pray (Wish) List will be a wish that I have to pray harder since most of these are things that I'm going to use in blogging and doing graphic artworks.

Saturday, December 1

Common Heating Systems Questions Answered

Heating for the home can be a tricky thing since you may not know the ‘bones’ of what makes heating and air work. For residential homes, there are a few key questions you should know the answers to in order to ensure your system is running in tip-top shape at all times.

Q: How often should I have my furnace looked at?
A: A professional should examine your furnace at the beginning of each fall season, or just before it gets cold in your area. For some of us, that isn’t until November or December, but for others, it’s important to have the HVAC system examined at the end of the summer. This allows you to be ready for the cold front when it arrives, and ensures your home is in great shape should you have guests for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

As with all other investments in your home or vehicle, you want to maintain service for the furnace so you’re able to take care of any problems in their beginning stages. The last thing you want is to avoid a problem for a long time to have it end up costing big money to repair.

There are three parts to the furnace – the thermostat, the heat source and the distribution system. The heat source is usually the area that’s overlooked by people, but it can be the source of major problems. A dirty furnace system can also lead to air contamination and contribute to inefficient heat, plus wasted fuel. Most of us are doing are best to cut down on our gas bills, which is why it’s best to have the furnace examined before cold weather strikes.

Q: How do I buy a furnace that’s right for my home?
A: A furnace is a pricey investment, but remember it’s just that – an investment. The heat it will provide for your home will be well worth the cost. There are many stores that allow you to rent a furnace. While this can seem like an attractive offer in the beginning, it usually ends up costing you a lot more in the long run. Some studies show that the average home owner who rents a furnace will end up spending $18,000 more than a home owner who buys the furnace. Keep this is mind when browsing for your furnace.

Next, you want to take into consideration the size of your home to purchase the correct size of furnace. A heating expert with proper training will help you determine this based on the square footage of your home and the climate in which you live. Keep an eye out for HVAC heating systems with the Energy Star logo. Not only are these furnaces far more environmentally friendly, they also often qualify you for specific tax rebates. Check with your state to learn more about this tax rebates.

Q: What is radiant heating?
A: Radiant heating is what homes and apartments have when they have radiators. The heat ‘radiates’ from the radiator to heat the home. The modern version of radiant heating is radiant floors and radiant panels, which are part of the wall system. The success of radiant heating highly depends on the natural flow of air in that room or building, which is known in the industry as convection. Without proper convection, radiant heating will not be the most efficient means of heating a home.

Q: What are geothermal heating solutions?
A: This is the latest and greatest news for home heating. Geothermal heating solutions are the most efficient way of heating a home. Geothermal heating works to cool a home in the summer months too. It is far more cost efficient when compared to the conventional heating solutions such as propane, gas or electricity. So how does geothermal heating solutions work? The key is the earth loop. This is how the heat from the ground is transferred into the home via conventional methods.

While geothermal heating solutions may seem expensive because of everything they involve to get started, over time they are the more affordable and sustainable answer for home heating. A home heating expert will help you determine the best plan of action to implement geothermal heating solutions. Most homes that implement geothermal heating solutions do so by digging or drilling underground. Another way to go about is if you have a water source, such as a pond or lake on your property. With this type of system, the water flows up to the heat exchanger where the heat is taken from the water, then that water is returned to the original source.

Geothermal heating solutions have been shown to cut heating bills by over 60%. Some systems can also handle water heating, so be sure to ask your heating expert what the options are for the geothermal heating solutions system you have installed.

About the author:
If you have any questions about HVAC that were not answered here, please feel free to comment or leave feedback at Unique Indoor Comfort Lexington and I'll be happy to follow up with you.

Daddy Day Care: Snoopy Event

I know this is quite late for my Daddy Day Care post because this event happened a week ago already but sharing this would be great and something to boast with.  Yup, I really want to boast something about my Maki.  Remember in my previous posts that Maki had to be tuned up an hour before an event well I think we will be crumpling that and had it a three point shoot out to the garbage bin.  Yes that's right tuning him up is no longer needed and I think his starting to become less shy already.

Thursday, November 29

Christmas Launches of SM Malls

This past few week ends were quite interesting, exciting and tiring.   Interesting because I get to see different designs and themes of SM Supermalls Christmas Themes.  They sure give emphasis on their centerpiece designs and some of them were very secretive that they don't want to spoil the idea of unveiling it to the public.

Gladly, in some of the Christmas Launches of different SM Malls, I were there to witness it and have a picture as well but in some well we just be thankful that facebook is there to have access on pictures and images of other people who have been to the event.

So here are some of the pictures of the different Christmas launches of SM Supermalls.

SM City Manila Centerpiece

Lighting of the Centerpiece of SM City Manila
with Mayor Alfredo S. Lim
SM City Manila with the Children from Caritas
Hello Kitty Christmas Launch At SM City North EDSA
Hello Kitty in a vintage car.
Other Hello Kitty characters.
Madagascar Christmas Adventure in SM City Fairview
These are some of the places that we've been, meaning me and my family.  So have you been to one of these SM Malls and visited their Christmas centerpieces?  Well if you haven't better go there and bring along the kids they will sure enjoy looking at them.  Of course they will also enjoy taking pictures and posing beside it.  Enjoy your lakwatsa!

Tuesday, November 27

Monday Rush: Completing Materials

I know it's quite late to post my Monday Rush but I just want to share something that I have been getting busy this past few days.  Early Monday morning err late Sunday evening I have already packed the materials that I'll be needing, old magazines, old brochures, old pictures, and some paper/board materials.  It was quite heavy but I still manage to bring it along Monday morning.

Evening, after I got home from the office I tried to cut and paste some of the needed figures and drawings on the board paper.  It's quite lame for now and it still needs more images to come out with my desired portrait of the project.

So cut, cut, cut, and then paste, little that I know I have already past my scheduled time to sleep but I was still eager to complete the project.  Few more minutes and my eyes were already having it's own brain and starting to move the eyelid down and down and down.   Boom and I'm out of commission, the next thing I know it was already morning.  I was really tired and sleepy that night.  To my desire of finishing the project I have taken for granted again my sleeping time.   Too bad I wasn't able to finish it but will have it this week.  Hoping that the long weekend would help me complete it.

If you're wondering what's that project well better wait and I'll share it here very, very, very soon.

Friday, November 23

Friday Toys: Star Wars Lego

I've been a fan of this toy since I was a kid.  My aunts used to send some of these toys but of course we only get the smaller ones, the big ones or the scene types are really costly for her to avail so we are just contented with the small and cheaper ones.  Still, I'm thankful with my aunts for sending those toys because it opened a really great imagination for me.  I was able to create things out of those materials and beyond the images that it suggests to build.  It was an awesome playing time.

Thursday, November 22

Biking Tips From A Non-Riding Dad

Have you observed recently? There are quite a number of motorcycles already running around not only in the provinces but also in the metro. As I observed before motorcycles are commonly used in provinces as their means of trasportation but lately it seems that the number of motorcycle users in the metro have already increased for some reasons.

Wednesday, November 21

Snoopy's Holiday Street Fair

In celebration of 60 years and counting of Snoopy Happiness and in anticipation of the holiday season, Snoopy will once again brighten up every family’s holiday spirit as we invite you to the “SNOOPY’S HOLIDAY STREETFAIR” on November 24, 2012 at the New Glorietta Activity Center! And guess what? It’s a triple celebration because we are launching our Snoopy teens wear and also opening our new Snoopy concept store, Beagle Place!

Friday, November 16

Friday Toys: Improvised Car

Friday toys again people and I'm sure most of you are wondering about the price of the wiggling animal toys that I have posted.  I think there were two who tried to guess the amount and one of them got a little bit closer but it still not the exact amount.  If you're following most of the toys that I features here they are not that pricey.  Most of them are budget wise, since we're not that rich.

Daddy Yashiro's Entries for Pony Show Off 2

image from PONY
Hi guy!  Daddy Yashiro will be asking and needing all the need that he can get from online friends, readers, acquaintances, and more.  Just a brief a story about this post for today.  I have been busy a bit this past few months torturing my mind on what shall I create as my entry for this competition, since this is the second year that they have it I think they'll make it annually.  It's poster art competition with a theme of "Let's Get It On".  So basically the thoughts will revolve around that theme and participants can use different kind of medium.  This is my second year and for his year I have created three entries in which I squeezed my brain really hard for these entries.  Hopefully I could nail the top prize for this year.

Tuesday, November 13

Daddy Yashiro's Journal On

Guess what folks?  Daddy Yashiro has been featured!  Yes, yours truly and this blog has been featured in one of the online community of bloggers called the  Well, I'm not really expecting this but it's really flattering that this blog has been chosen as one of the Editor's Pick of the Day.  I think it was featured a few weeks ago but wasn't able to write something about it earlier.

Monday, November 12

Monday Rush: Blood Rush HB

Hayyy... Monday was a sure blood rush.  I didn't know if my blood pressure went up or not but one thing is for sure I got dizzy and my world started to move and turn around.  I don't have any means or apparatus to check it instantly that's why I decided to stay home for a while and have a rest.

Bowl and Potty Training Gelo

I couldn't remember if I have posted something about potty training Maki before but I sure did buy him a potty that he could use whenever he wanted to go popo or wewe.   Yes, we call popo if he wanted to loose some material from his stomach and wewe when he wants to empty is gal bladder.   Though we haven't trained him on the potty trainer he did learn to do on a bowl but it sure did had some long hours of convincing and crying before.  Hay....  at least it was over for him but not for our little one, Gelo. We still have to teach him how and when to go to popo and wewe.

Tips and Tricks: Catching Mosquitos

Container and Baby Oil
We all know that the dreaded Dengue Virus is already spreading throughout the different communities and it is getting worst whenever the rainy season comes.   So we really need to take extra precautions and maintenance as well just keep the the Dengue Virus away from our community.

Saturday, November 10

Friday Toys: Furry Animals That Wiggles

Friday time again and its time for Daddy Yashiro's Friday Toys.    Well, we've been a very good fan of animal plush toys and we have been featuring these kind of toys here in our Friday Toys, I think most of the toys that featured here are plush toys.  It's not that they're cuddly and cute but it has its purpose because of my kids.  I think the number one reason is their safety.   Yes, we wanted for the kids to play safe and having toys that is not harmful let them enjoy their playing time.  Perhaps another reason is that most plush toys are affordable.  Just like what my eldest son, Maki, would say "Daddy, Mommy pasok sa budget!" which means "just right in the budget."

Friday, November 9

Moms and Dads Visit Baby Carnival

Baby Carnival: A Pre-Christmas Bazaar is organized by Online Mommy Sellers which will be held at the Parkside of Filipinas Heritage Library this Friday, November 9, 2012 from 4pm to 10pm.  This event is part of their campaign to have more toys and books which will be given for the children in White Cross Orphanage located at San Juan and for the National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City.  So, they're holding this bazaar with a minimal fee to have that toys and book drive.

Saturday, November 3

Bonding Moment: Bonding Through Colors

What's the most interesting things that kids would together their Moms and Dads?  Well, for one, strolling around the mall is quite okay if the they teens already.  Two, dining out in a restaurant but of course Mom and Dad would be restraining to order more to cut some expenses.  But I think the best of all that both kids and the parents would love would be doing some artworks.  Yes, it is fun, it is cheap, and besides gives more time for the kids development.

Friday, November 2

Friday Toys: Lego Ferrari

Nice!  Shell has something new to offer this year but it's not the usual Ferrari Model Toy Car.  I'm sure those  Dads out there who are collecting Ferrari Toy Cars will sure love to have an entire set of this offering from Shell.  Me, I sure would love to have not just one set but three set perhaps, one for me, for Maki and for Gelo.   Hahaha!  My only problem would be how to get it because according to our company's drivers this only caters to those who gas up with V Power Nitro+ and they are gassing up a different a kind.  This is really a problem.

Monday, October 29

Monday Rush: Accident, Traffic, Late

A view of the accident from the bus.
Another moody Monday for me!  It's a late Monday!  It's really hard to get off to work when the kids are all awake.  Leaving them breaks my heart but I do hoped that they understand it that Daddy needs to go to work.

Sunday, October 28

Daddy Day Care: Macaroni and Spaghetti For Breakfast

Hay... Sunday!  It's one of those weekend days that I always longed after a week of work.   This is the day that I'll be having my weekend dose of TV cartoons and breakfast.  That was two decades ago perhaps!  Now it's quite different.  I'm a Dad now and weekends for me are supposed to be Daddy Day Care.  It's my turn to take care of the kids and have some fun with them though there are some times that I'm out.

Friday, October 26

Friday Toys: A Real Diecast Toys

Since it's holiday, Maki, my wife and I went to an event.  It was an event about colors and arts for the kids.  Basically, it should be my wife and my son only but since it's about arts my wife asks if I could come along as well.  She really admits that she's not good when it comes to arts.  The venue was inside the Museo Pangbata (Museum for Kids).  The hallway to the event area was filled with lots of toys and paintings.  The toys were not the typical toys that you'll see in the toy store but it's more of an old toys and some of them are really hard to find plus they are all antiques already.

Max's Junior Master Chef Theme Party Experience

Children's Party preparations are tedious, especially if you're the one who's making it and if you want it to be memorable for your little ones.   Of course we, parents, wanted most of the firsts of our kids to be remembered by them and we wanted it to be special.  We wanted to almost give everything to them but of course our time is limited and having all the preparations personalized makes it really hard and time consuming.   So, most of the time we end up in the mercy of the monotonous party theme packages of restaurants available near in our area, that's for convenience for sure.  Sometimes the quality of the program and presentations are being compromised and worst it ends up with a bad or negative memory for the kids and for the parents as well.

Tuesday, October 23

Dad and The Golf

I not sure if you have seen the picture of an invitation of one of the famous hotel in Manila during their Fathers' Day treat. The picture shows a Dad playing golf. If you have, then that's great because one of my thought for pondering today is about that, not the picture but the game itself, the golf.

I think if it wasn't for Tiger Woods golf wouldn't be as famous or commonly known as it is now. He made the hype with his endosements and other appearances through TV Commercials and through some TV programs as well.

Dads Do The Trabahustle Move

To all the Dads and GrandDads out there and of course to all the Moms who always take care of the Dads and the kids, here's some good information that could help reduce and lessen the risk of hypertension or High Blood Pressure.  I'm helping them out to spread the news!  Be aware!

Monday, October 22

Dads On Camping Memory

While I was cleaning the house I was able to find my old dome tent, which I acquired after college days. I tried to clean it again and set it once again. My son was delighted and anxious to play inside the tent. Suddenly Memories of my college days flash into my mind and I remember I don't have gears like this before. I was just borrowing one from my friends or sometimes I share with those who have big tents.

Sunday, October 21

Daddy Day Care: Kids and Hospital

Gelo's hand with dextrose.
My Sunday and Saturday this past week is really a Daddy Day Care I have been checking on the kids at night time because both of them got sick. My wife and I were like call centers on duty. Changing shift almost every two hours just to watch over the kids and make sure that they are well taken care of. Unfortunately Gelo's fever had been on and off for the past three days. His pediatrician advised us that if there's still fever have his blood check, so we did. My wife and my mother-in-law went to the hospital to have it checked and when the result were out and was read by his pediatrician, my wife were advised to have Gelo be confined to the hospital for close monitoring because his platelet count is dropping.

Best Way To Teach

Did you know that most of the things that we learn are through visual.   Yes, the sense of sight is the number one teacher among the five senses.  We acquire learning through our eye sight.  Kids learn more through the help of bright colors that are being in the toys and visual aids in schools.  Helping them remember because of the color, images and figures.

As a parent, helping our kids learn things are really hard because there are things that are hard to explain through words and most of them needs pictures or visual aids in order for them to remember that and of course convince them also.

Friday, October 19

Friday Toys: Booklets

Hi, this is Daddy Yashiro's Friday Toys again.  Remember last time that I presented what I got for my eldest son Maki?  Well you can check it out here Friday Toys: Candy Fan.  He did like it and so the little one.  Now the problem would be both of them wanted the fan though I brought some also for the little one which is the booklets.

So, here it is below and take note it is not just one but six of them.  Six little booklets with stories that kids will sure like reading or being read to them.

Wednesday, October 17

Daddy On Mobile Band Wagon

Hah!  Remember my post about Daddy Yashiro going mobile?  Well, it was indeed a convenience being able to write what you wanted to write immediately and being able to post it online instantly but that mobile thing has something of quite a little problem.  Not a big one but its the thing that will sustain the mobility, that's the problem.  Sustaining mobility requires of course resources and Daddy Yashiro's resources is still quite unstable.  So my mobility progress will be on the need basis only.  I don't have to be online all the time.

Monday, October 15

Monday Rush: In The Comfort Room

Monday again!  It was my routine to wake up early and prepare for work but this Monday was unusual err something like that.  It was dawn and woke up early than my scheduled alarm.   I was awoken by the growling sound of my stomach.  I thought I was dreaming but I was quite sure that I'm not.   The first I did was jump off from the bed and went straight into the comfort room.   Not sure if the food the night before made my stomach lose its bowel movement.

Sunday, October 14

Daddy Day Care: The Alley Pose

It's Saturday once again and one of our family's expected day of the week. It is rest time for us if we don't have anything to do and if we don't have any events to attend to. It is the day that we just try to lay around, play around, gigle and most of all have fun. Yes we did have fun and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Friday, October 12

Friday Toys: Candy Fan

Just the other day I was able to visit the duty free shops.  I know it's just quite near in our work station but going there seems a hustle, especially if you don't have any means of transportation.  It's really hard to get to the location of the duty free shops inside Clark Special Economic Zone.  There are no 24/7 and  round the route jeepney in the area.  I think most of the jeepney only goes only during peak time or shifting time of the employees.  So you really need to have your own transportation if you're going to shop on these duty free shops or you can still shop but bear the span of time that you'll be wasting just waiting for the jeepney to arrive.  Anyway, still there are some few duty free shops that offer good buys.

Monday, October 8

Monday Rush: Planning

Another first day of the week and it's one of those days that always gives me a rush in my nerves. A tingling and yet irritating gusto or feeling that you wanted to be there instantly, especially if the jeepney is travelling like Pong Pagong, slow.

Sunday, October 7

Friday Toys: Holloween Toys

Few more weeks from now kids who have been used to celebrating costume parties will roam different malls and events. These kids will for sure ask their moms and dads to buy them halloween costumes for the upcoming Halloween Celebration. Others kids like something simple but others like to impress and scare younger kids or the girls. Some go beyond from impressive to gory which make it unlikable at all. Its dark and scary.

Friday, October 5

Children's Fair at Puno UMC

Last week, the kids enjoyed their day at the Children's Fair held at Don Antonio's Plaza covered court. Of course that's courtesy of the Puno United Methodist Church.

Thursday, October 4

Daddy Yashiro Going Mobile

Hi readers this is Daddy Yashiro getting into the bandwagon of going mobile. When I say mobile ir means totally out of the keyboard of a desktop computer or laptop. So, right now I' m using my android phone to do blogging. I'm testing this application if it is worth it for a Dad like who's always out of the house.

Thursday, September 27

What Are Your Wedding Giveaways?

It’s been seven years now since we got married and I still can’t believe that we were able to push through with the wedding with a limited budget. I remember during our planning days, it was really a mind torture, thinking of how to squeeze the budget with all the needed requirements for the wedding. It even came to a time that we were quarreling with each other just because of some minor details for the wedding.

Wednesday, September 26

Meet Claudio Bravo's Manila Paintings in Met Museum

It’s been a long time now since I last visited a museum. Not that I don’t like museum but because of too many activity and busy schedule that I don’t find time to visit a museum. I’ve been busy doing things that I forgot to take some time and try to have things one at a time. I forgot to appreciate things intimately and perhaps this is what my recent visit to a museum has thought me. I forgot to appreciate and take time to see the wonderful things in this world.

The amount of time spent in a masterpiece is tremendously long but that span of time is nothing compared to the feeling of contentment when the desired outcome of the masterpiece has been laid completely, beautifully and wonderfully. It’s like an explosion of emotions converged in the artwork and perhaps that was what Claudio Bravo had felt during this six months stay here in Manila. He has indeed taken his time to appreciate the beauty of the Filipino people. It is evident on his portraits of some illustrious personalities like Pacita Moreno Lopez, Conchita Lopez, Maria Lourdes Araneta Fores, President Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Romualdez Marcos, Dr. Constantino Manahan, and many more.

Tuesday, September 18

Toothache Problem

It's been a few days now and my face is really distorted because of that unwanted toothache.  Ouch!  Not really looking good now.  It feels like I have a candy in my mouth.  Really not good.  Aside from the ache I feel bad about how I look. Half of my face is really swollen.  It was also triggered more when our little one bumped on the affected area.  It really hurts more!  Ouch!

Up to now it's still not in good condition.  Been off from work for two days already.  Hoping to go to work soon.

Having toothache can really lessen our bonding moments because I couldn't play much with them because of protecting the swollen side of my face.  I wonder how was the other Dads do things like this when they are not feeling well, especially when having a toothache?

For now this is just my update about me and my days of having a swollen face because of toothache.

Friday, September 14

Friday Toys: U Command Batpod

Okay what is the newest toy for this ber month.  I'm sure parents and godparents are already trying to list down all their "inaanak" or godchildren and of course their kids and their relatives as well.  So, since the breeze of the Christmas season is already filling the air we might as well make some toy spotting in some of the toy stores in the country. 

For now here's something that I would like to share which I've found in the site of Toy Kingdom.  This is what's hot for this month's toy offerings.  It's the U Command Batpod.  A remote controlled bat vehicle and on it is Batman himself riding the vehicle.  Based on the pricing of Toy Kingdom, which may vary, it costs Php3,499.75. 

I think they just got a limited stock so parents if you want to give your kids one of this head on to Toy Kingdom and ask for it.

A Birthday Treat?

Guess what came in to my email box early this month?   Well it's a birthday greetings from one of the pizza store in the country.  I was very thrilled when I see the title of the email because its something that I could boast of, specially this month, my birth month.  I joined their promo and here's the result of their promo.  

Here's the screen capture of the email....

Then when I opened it, it was indeed a birthday greetings and I was kind of hoping for a special treat since its my birth month.  So I continued reading the message.  Here's the first part of the graphic message.

Isn't it great receiving a birthday message from one of the known pizza store and take note it's not just a small time pizza store but it is really known internationally.  So imagine how I felt when I first saw this.  How about you?  What would you feel?

Then as I continue reading the graphic message.  I was a bit disappointed though I really want to take that treat.  The reason I'm disappointed was the lower part of the message because I need to spend Php700 in order to get the free 10" Pizza as their birthday treat for me.

Here's the graphic message.

So, what do you think about this?  Should I take the treat or just ignore it?
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